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  1. art

    What light is this?

    This light housing is nos Where and what is it, any history? It looks like a add on black out drive for a m37 or power wagon The light and housing was in a bunch of M37 parts.
  2. art

    M577 Command APC parts needed!

    M577 Command APC parts needed! Trying help to complete the components on a M577A2 Armored Command Post Carrier - APC track, In the M113 family Any information on the parts would be appreciated. Parts needed: The basket for the 4.2 gas generator /APU. Lifting Divot for the generator. Frame...
  3. art

    Weare NH Rally

    Anybody going to the Weare NH Rally next weekend?
  4. art

    Tank Id

    How about this one? What is it? Called a mini tank. minitank004.jpg (103.1 KB) minitank010.jpg (91.0 KB) minitank011.jpg (101.9 KB)
  5. art

    Deuce whistle problem

    A freind of mine has a problem, can any one help? Any Ideas? I have a 1970 m35a2 non turbo. On the way back from Brians funeral my deuce started to get a very high pitch whistle when I step on the gas, it is slowly getting worse the more I drive it. and it is taking longer to start and seems...
  6. art

    Help - M998 Won't start

    Help - M998 Won't start (older 998 non turbo) :deadhorse: Driving along & it just stopped Got it going & it ran for 5 min and would not start after that. Will not kick over with ether. What next? Thanks Art
  7. art

    Who is going on the 2007 East Coast Convoy?

    Who is going on the 2007 East Coast Convoy? Until the web site is up and running add your name to the list.
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