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  1. Thunder in NWOR

    Electrical Problem?

    I once had choke cable laying across plug wires. Plug wires were old, and intermittently shorted through insulation to choke cable (finally saw it in the dark).
  2. Thunder in NWOR

    air assist

    Located driver's side frame, by axle - good line drawings in the -386- TMs. I have put 15,000 miles on my A3, with no air assist problems (have used a little air tool oil). Mark
  3. Thunder in NWOR

    Alaska to Alabama in Brutus

    I like US 97 through Washington and Oregon into Cali and then US 395. Good wide roads, well maintained. Lots to see. Ofcourse some hills but only steep one is going down into Columbia river and its not too bad. If you take that route, stop in Bend, Oregon and get a burger and Black Butte...
  4. Thunder in NWOR

    Truck Pulling to Right

    My pull-to-the-right story: My friend recovered my M35A3 from Ft McCoy and reported a slight pull to right. When I picked up the truck from him, I did and alignment following TM string method. It did need adjustment to get it in spec. Also lifted front end and checked for wheel play and...
  5. Thunder in NWOR

    1953 M37 Water temp guage

    Call John at Midwest Military. He has all the answers for 3/4 ton Dodges. I have picked his brain and have purchased a lot of stuff over the years from him. Most often has the answer. Mark
  6. Thunder in NWOR

    New from Bend, Oregon

    Welcome from Sandy. My son just finished MCT-West and is heading east to 3521 school. Check Portland Craigslist. Some 5 tons on there occasionally. Mark
  7. Thunder in NWOR

    Found nice m35a3 bought it few questions

    If air dryer filters are dirty, it will rapidly recycle....
  8. Thunder in NWOR

    vietnam era hueys used for fire fighting

    I spent more than a few years on wildfire assignment in Washington state, most time supported by the Washington Department of Natural Resources Bell UHs. For a time they had retired Cobra gunships set up for air support too. Their aircrew were excellent in support of the firefighters on the ground.
  9. Thunder in NWOR

    I went and looked an an M152 yesterday.

    Nearly every old Dodge needs work on the brakes - so thats a given. Midwest Military and Vintage Power Wagon has true type parts, but NAPA, Carquest and many other auto parts stores has wheel/master cylindars and brake line and shoes. Or you can buy rebuild kits too. Should be able to totally...
  10. Thunder in NWOR

    Need truck shipped from Nebraska to California

    Dont know how big a vehicle he can haul, but This guy has a pretty good rep over on the Dodge Powerwagon site: <> (I have not used him)
  11. Thunder in NWOR

    Seeking confirmation of brake issue diagnosis

    Greetings. Ihave spent many hours reading manuals, using the forum search, and timewrenching on my truck. Ithink I have the correct diagnosis, but am asking for confirmation, or somealternative to pursue. Ihave an M35A3 and have put over 10,000 miles on it in the past 3 years. I hadit parked...
  12. Thunder in NWOR

    Driving thru Canada

    In 2012, the MVPA Alaska Highway Convoy, about 100 HMVs, including Duces and 5 tons, crossed the border from Lower 48 to Canada, to Alaska, and back with almost no problems. The one guy asked the most questions was a French participant. I spent more time answering questions like where I got it...
  13. Thunder in NWOR

    Compatible transmissions for the M35a3 with the cat 3116

    On the M35A3, both the Cat 3116 and the Allison AT1545 are mechanical.
  14. Thunder in NWOR

    Etw1 & engine tuning

    May want to check fuel pressure between fuel pump and carb. Running on the low side, weak pump or tiny bit of air leak into line, will sometimes give you fits....
  15. Thunder in NWOR

    What are the best shows in the upper midwest?

    Findlay Ohio in May. MVPA convention in Louisville KY this June. Not too long trips from MN....
  16. Thunder in NWOR

    My engine is broke?

    When mine starts to act up, first thing I do is clean the 'sediment bulb'......
  17. Thunder in NWOR

    M3A1 Stuart & M18 Hellcat

    That is my M35A3 and trailer at the Pumpkin Patch - what a great adventure, MV's, pumpkin shooting, food, steam tractor, narrow gage railroad...! I did take the truck and trailer on the AC'12 Convoy, and had it at the MVPA Convention in Portland this summer. The trailer is a Cruiser RV X139 with...
  18. Thunder in NWOR

    PNW Info Thread!

    In OR, I had to reg my 1993 M35A3 as "Truck" and my insurance is "commercial vehicle for non-commercial purposes"...
  19. Thunder in NWOR

    Cat 3116 fuel pump issue?

    fuel tank "vent line" attached to fuel tank "valve, vent" Mentioned in TM 9-2320-386-24-1-1, pages 0045 00-2 and 00-3 and TM 9-2320-386-24P, Figures 30 and 31
  20. Thunder in NWOR

    New to me WC-52

    ...if you are talking about " Spring, retracting, engine carburetor foot throttle control", it attaches to the rod midway to the carb and back to a bolt (stud with hole in end for the spring) that comes through the sloping potion of the firewall/floorboard, positioned for reference just above...
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