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  1. redass73

    wig wags on a Deuce Fire Truck

    My brother and I have been building our county police cars for a 4 years now.I think I have a basic diagram for wig wags. I will look tomorrow and try to post something.
  2. redass73

    Wrecker anchor spades on a M818

    i wish i had some winch spades for my wrecker..but i wish i had lots of things for it
  3. redass73

    M911/M747 Outing

    WOW...super cool!!!:drool:
  4. redass73

    2 batteries instead of 4 !

    I managed to squeeze 6 group 31's in my wrecker ...starts like a dream..
  5. redass73

    My new M936A2 project (update)

    very cool... :drool:
  6. redass73

    V100 Restoration Project

    :drool: I dont want else to say...
  7. redass73

    Just Picked Up the M816 Wrecker!

    Hey Joe. welcome to Steel Soldiers. you will find your wrecker very handy to have around.,as far as fuel lines go I had to replace the one from the injector pump to the fuel filter. good luck ,you have a great looking truck..
  8. redass73

    Kenworth XM1074 Test Drive

    very cool [thumbzup]
  9. redass73

    816 Action

    Thanks offroad..anytime, hope to see you boys again.
  10. redass73

    816 Action

    Thanks. there was a little vapor coming from the valves, pretty smelly...and real heavy..
  11. redass73

    V100 Restoration Project

    very impressive :drool: [thumbzup]
  12. redass73

    816 Action

    Hey fella's Had a change to get my wrecker project. Got the call of an ammonia trailer had broke an spindle out in a field. the company wanted to know if we could load the tank on thier straight truck.when we got there I lifted the tank while thier worker cut the trailer loose . then I rotated...
  13. redass73

    Need brake adjustment help

    glad you got them fixed..
  14. redass73

    And now for something completely different...M123E2

    very cool truck.... :drool: :drool:
  15. redass73

    M146 Completed

    looks great. your a lucky man!!!!
  16. redass73

    Redass73 your 16.00's

    RE: Redass73 your 16.00 cant wait to get them thanks
  17. redass73

    ?what does or did it do?

    any certian type of alcohol.
  18. redass73

    ?what does or did it do?

    would like to know how to use it... do you just add alcohol when needed or should i keep some in it all the time? rick
  19. redass73

    ?what does or did it do?

    here is what is on my 816.. always wondered what it was for rick
  20. redass73

    M750 van trailer

    man i like those trailer's
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