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  1. carguy455

    "RED" Iron

    Well it's not an MV but its as close as I've got right now, I finally got my 71 Toyota Landcruiser home from my father's house. I stuck some 31x10.50's on it but it will need much more than that !!!
  2. carguy455

    Found this M35A2 for sale while on Vacation in Florida

    Hey everyone, not sure if I am posting this in the right place now or not, but I am in Florida until May [ sure beats Maine right now ! ] , I was cruising Craigslist here in the Tampa bay area and came accross this one, thougth I would share it with you all ! tampa bay area craigslist >...
  3. carguy455

    Poetic Justice !

    Well, maybe not for the deuce.....As some of you might recall, a few years ? back I had a deal on a 53 Studebaker Deuce that a friend had owned and ignored for years, he didn't want much for it, just wanted it gone, so I spent 3 days getting it running, then drove it about 50 miles with NO...
  4. carguy455

    Bought this Jeep today

    I bought this 1959 CJ5 today, came with a roof, body is shot, engine appears to be stuck, not sure what I am gonna do with it, but it was cheap ! I like the blue , it reminds me of Strata......
  5. carguy455

    Found this crane, thinking of buying...

    Found this crane on a 53 Studebaker gasser, going to check it out this week, $2000. or best reasonable offer. I think I like it !
  6. carguy455

    "I" found an M211 /134

    Heres an M211 [?] I found in Ellsworth ME beside AUTOCAR car dealership, been sitting a while, has a MVC decal on the windshield. Someone that cared about it had it at one time. Under the paint it says U.S. ARMY , not sure if that is origional , but the Civil Defense decals were old. The top is...
  7. carguy455

    Carguy455 with a Tank as a kid

    My mom found these pics of me with a tank when I was a child in the 70's at the University of Maine in Orono. They had the tank there for homecomming I think. Given the anti war climate of the times back then I am surprised they had a tank on campus. If I remember correctly someone made a stink...
  8. carguy455

    My new 55 Mack 5 Ton 427 BBC powered BEAST !!

    Wel, we are at it again ! Towerguy1 Mike found this gem , a 55 Mack 5 ton, cut down to a single axle, 3' blocks added into the suspension and a 427 Tall Block Big block chevy gas in place of the diesel. Has functional power steering, duel glass packs, its a BEAST !!!!! Had to have it, so ....I...
  9. carguy455

    Towerguy1's New PIPELINE Deuce !

    I will post a LOT more about this rescue mission but for now I wanted you all to see Mikes new toy we yanked out of the mud yesterday from Spencers in Maine. It was a long day but we made it !
  10. carguy455

    International H-542-11 Ordanance GS Load Carrier

    Here was a VERY interesting piece we saw near Spencers, belongs to another guy...never saw one before. Its an International H-542-11 General Service Load Carrier ...from the Ordanance Dept. A WWII piece, I would say it was a "donor" for its engine into something else, it was a 5 ton. Very...
  11. carguy455

    International Fire Truck ....for sale

    Here are pics of the International fire truck Spencers wants to sell, It has Very LOW miles, he was asking $2000. believe its ready to go , Can get more info just ask. He REALLY wanted me to post this on here, I told him we were more of a Military truck group , but ...believe this was a USAF...
  12. carguy455

    More stuff from Spencers!

    In addition to the stuff in the "another MV junkyard found" gallery pics I posted we made another trip, met David Spencer[ a cool guy! ] and saw LOTS of iron...he also bought some buildings from the family that has TONS of WWII era iron so he has full run of their stuff, so we will be posting...
  13. carguy455

    1943 Biederman USAAF truck w/Unit Crane EXC cond. For Sale

    We found this 1943 Biederman Army Air Forces type F-1 Fuel-Deiceing Truck with a Unit crane/digger mounted on it, Excellent condition, has a Hercules engine [running]was repainted in Orange, we found evidence of olive drab and strata blue under the orange. I have know of this rig since childhood...
  14. carguy455

    Carguy455's 53 DEUCE

    So here are pics of my Deuce and the roadtrip home, Towerguy 1 following in his truck dodging debris and gagging on the fumes..not a SIGN of a brake on this thing and I drove it over 50 MILES that way ! Yee Ha !!!! Had a tire bulge about 4 miles from my house, got VERY lucky indeed !!!! All...
  15. carguy455

    RE: Very sorry

    RE: Very sorry D.R and I thought this - :shock: - was the look a new customer of USA 6x6 gets...according to Spicergear anyway.... :) And to get BACK on subject..Frank and co. are any of those trashed deuces gassers? I am looking for a 'junk' fuel pump for my 53 Stude M35 with...
  16. carguy455

    1953 M35 Fuel Pump Rebuild Kit ??

    Looking for the Fuel pump REBUILD kit for a 1953 STUDEBAKER M35 Gas with Heurcules engine, anyone seen one listed anywhere recently ???? :?:
  17. carguy455

    Mr. Turbo Diesel

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