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  1. dikwks

    Deuce 3053A Transmission pops out of 3rd and 5th

    Hey everyone, From what I've been able to search out, it seems that the problem is due to worn synchronizers. I'm a little confused though because this is out of the blue, I haven't had any problems with those gears at all. No grinding during shifts or pop-outs before and now it's happening...
  2. dikwks

    Caster adjustments to suit 11.00X20 changeover

    I recently put 11.00X20 radials on the deuce. It rides smoother for sure, but has the same symptoms that others have noted: a poor return to center and a squirrely feel to the steering. The steering system is tight so it's not a parts issue. I'm pretty sure it is a caster problem. As in there...
  3. dikwks

    923A2 Failure warning module won't shut up!

    Anybody run in to this? I've checked the three inputs, overheat, low air, and parking brake switches. All is well with them. It has power at terminal A and the ground is good. I checked for 24V power at terminal B, but can't seem to get it with the light switch in any position. From looking...
  4. dikwks

    925 brake drum on a 923A2 axle?

    Hoping that someone knows off the top of their head whether a brake drum off of a 925 will work on a 923A2 axle. I am in the process of searching the TM for part numbers but hoping for a quick rescue. Thanks, Dick.
  5. dikwks

    Homemade centrifuge

    Hello all. I intended to post this up later (first run is not complete), but got dared and couldn't resist. Here's the background: I bought some surplus tent heaters and was interested in burning WMO in them. I already have a filtration set up working for other reasons so I already had some...
  6. dikwks

    Backwards slave cable adapter?

    I picked up a 24v pump unit today; when I went to check the operation, I found that it was a NATO style connector. My truck has the older style two pin connector. The guy that I got the truck from gave me a two pin slave cable and 3 adapters. When I tried to plug one in to the truck, it arced...
  7. dikwks

    Outbid on an M105A2?

    Recovered my new (to me) M105A2 trailer today. Yeay, my first big recovery!!! I was halfway through a vacation at The Outer Banks in North Carolina when I decided to check my email. Good thing! Turns out I had won a trailer that I had no idea I had won and was halfway through the 10 day reply...
  8. dikwks

    First time out with WMO

    Went out with my deuce for the first time with filtered WMO tonight. I ran it through a 10 micron filter on my first filter set-up, then mixed it 25% WMO, 25% pump gas, and 50% diesel. I'm going to work it up slow to 90% WMO and 10% gas, maybe then I can afford to drive her around more. Got my...
  9. dikwks

    Wow! What a truck!

    I was interested in an old diesel truck because I was intrigued by the thought of not being dependent on the usual sources for motor fuel. Well, whaddya know, the Army had already thought that whole thing out. Then I found out what all else came with that idea, and I had to have one. Wow...
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