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  1. The King Machine

    8 weeks and counting

    03/13 for me
  2. The King Machine

    An American Deuce in Canada

    Hey Guys, Hope everyone is in good spirits and without hassle or pain. The Deuce has been relegated to Walmart, yard work, and car show duties for the most part. I have started a family and mountain expeditions have declined unfortunately. Time really does fly. I recognized the problem, I...
  3. The King Machine

    Current situation on SF97s?

    I am also caught up in this paperwork issue. I purchased mine out of Yermo in March. Still no word when I will be able to get it off of the lot.
  4. The King Machine

    An American Deuce in Canada

    I'm still here
  5. The King Machine

    R.I.P.--73M819--Ron Harris

    RIP Ron He is preserved in both memory and his posts here. I will miss seeing them. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend.
  6. The King Machine

    Need help from the experts. M35A2 Winch

    Thanks Pat! I would be in your debt. Let me know if you see any decent XML tires laying around too lol
  7. The King Machine

    Need help from the experts. M35A2 Winch

    Man I wish I could get my hands on a winch, they don't grow on trees in Canada like they do in the US. Any more of them things down there in Washington?
  8. The King Machine

    Green or Black?

    They look like re-centered HMETT's. Bolted together as it doesn't seem to be a welded on the outside. I say black, or tan like mentioned before. The green looks out of place.
  9. The King Machine

    No air...

    It's most likely the air governor like rusty and the other fellas said. The drag link component of the AIR O MATIC should have a line exiting from it that's roughly 1 inch dia. Coiled wire and fabric hose. It will hiss when you reach full lock when turning. Mine was bypassing just enough...
  10. The King Machine

    No air...

    My Air O Matic was bypassing air out of the exhaust port. My truck would not build air past about 50 psi. I couldn't hear it while to truck was running. To get it to stop I would cut the air supply to the Air O Matic let the truck build pressure to 120 then open the valve to charge the steering...
  11. The King Machine

    Cold air intake mod?

    My motivation for changing the air intake was related to function in water.......I snorkeled it. I made brackets that piggy back off of the exhaust stack mounts. My first try at making a snorkel was successful but was a home made jobby. Didn't look that great but functioned well. I put on a ram...
  12. The King Machine

    5 ton gas (OK fuel) pedal sticks

    My Deuce pedal is doing the same thing, I can lift the pedal up and the idle will drop. Sounds like I need to pull it apart and clean it up.
  13. The King Machine

    Trans fluid treatment

    Like hot sauce......I put that "Stuff" on everything
  14. The King Machine

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    To be honest removing the rad is a quick job. 4 bolts on the front grill and 3 bolts on the rad. I had mine out in 30 min.
  15. The King Machine

    Deuce and a half, at last - CCKW

    Cool truck.........looks to be in great shape
  16. The King Machine

    Hydraulic fuses for brakes

    That's a great idea with the pinion brakes. These axles are very popular with the off road crowd, plenty of kits available. I've mulled this over plenty of times. I've replaced all my brake components with new parts but I still have that redundancy issue. I use my truck, its not parade...
  17. The King Machine

    "Rescued" M816 Wrecker

    Jeez Red, I think you used all your luck up defusing bombs in the sand. I wish I could help.
  18. The King Machine

    New to the M35A2 and have lots of questions

    Hello, Welcome. In 2012, I rebuilt almost every component on the brake system for this truck. Due the systems design I wanted full confidence. The master cylinder is very easy to rebuild, it took longer to get it in and out of the truck. All the rubber lines were replaced as well as the...
  19. The King Machine

    An American Deuce in Canada

    Here's a few more pictures. This spring has been really wet, that coupled with the excessive snow pack melting has created a lot of high lakes and rivers. Washed out bridges are a real concern on the forest service roads this time of year, especially on the roads less traveled. The water...
  20. The King Machine

    An American Deuce in Canada

    HAHAHA, That sign is classic. We actually saw 2 black bears on our way out, momma and a cub about a half mile from each other.
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