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  1. zyrtecx

    Civy truck to MIL trailer wiring info

    I just finished making a converter box from a trailer connector MS75021-2 to a 4 way round connector, put everything in an electrical junction box and put a handle on two sides to strap it to the trailer frame rail.
  2. zyrtecx

    hello from OK

    Welcome from North Carolina!
  3. zyrtecx

    New from Texas

    Welcome Aboard from North Carolina!
  4. zyrtecx

    MEP-003A Seized

    Ammonia in all the seized engines that I have used it in have NEVER damaged the pistons... And all of the engines that I have used ammonia in were stuck due to water getting in the cylinders and causing rust.
  5. zyrtecx

    MEP-003A Seized

    I have used Ammonia to un-freeze a stuck motor, worked rather well on old tractor engines... after I get it unstuck remove Ammonia and put marvel mystery oil in and rotate the engine slow several times rather slow and let sit turn some more and add oil and turn some more and let it sit a while...
  6. zyrtecx

    New guy from East Texas

    Welcome Aboard from North Carolina!
  7. zyrtecx

    Hello from new MO member

    Welcome Aboard from North Carolina...
  8. zyrtecx

    refinishing a PRC-77

    Does look Great! Very Good Paint Match! What is the brand of paint and color did you use? Thanks!
  9. zyrtecx

    New from SoCal

    Welcome aboard from Western North Carolina!
  10. zyrtecx

    My story / Thank you Steel Soldiers

    Welcome aboard from Western North Carolina!
  11. zyrtecx

    First MV

    Your M1009 is a Military Vehicle and you can find out where in the Military served by going to the 2011 VIN Info thread listed below... Also, Nice Find... Good Luck with it!
  12. zyrtecx

    Blackout lights for M1009

    Ebay... Will have to change the connection ends... Will need WeatherPack Connectors which are available at NAPA... CUCV M1008 M1009 NEW FT & REAR BLACKOUT LIGHTS | eBay
  13. zyrtecx

    Newbie from Ga

    Welcome Aboard from Western North Carolina!
  14. zyrtecx

    Need a measurements...

    Thanks Boomer431! All of mine seem to have different measurements... Guess they got bent a little over the years!
  15. zyrtecx

    Need a measurements...

    Yes, the where the clevises mount... The closest measurement is 31 inches from outside to outside...
  16. zyrtecx

    Need a measurements...

    I don't guess that anyone know the answer to my question out of 30 views so far...
  17. zyrtecx

    Need a measurements...

    Does anyone have or know where I can find the measurement between the EXTENSION,TIE DOWNS on the front of the M1009? Every M1009 the I have has a different measurement... Thanks!
  18. zyrtecx

    HMMWV water temp gauge retrofit in a M1009?

    Could you send me the link to the gauges? I can't find them... Thanks!
  19. zyrtecx

    New Member / New M109 in Boise, Idaho

    Welcome aboard from NC!
  20. zyrtecx

    New M1009

    Welcome aboard from NC!
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