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  1. jmpogue89

    Got my Light Material Handling Crane (LMHC) today!

    in case you were wondering
  2. jmpogue89

    Got my Light Material Handling Crane (LMHC) today!

    I have a big ask. I just acquired the crane and it is missing the bracket that slips onto the stantion and holds the crane arm. If you find yourself extremely generous feeling one day, could you trace the side of that bracket and the pin holes and post it? I will be working on mine to clean it...
  3. jmpogue89

    Looking for gun ring and door pictures.

    Just seeing your post. Yes there were a couple of pallets on govplanet but SECO probably bought them and the cost per rail ended up being $1,500 each!! that doesnt include the 10%buyers premium it was a pallet of 10 rails. The supports for the rails went for $8,000 for 13 of them
  4. jmpogue89

    Growler Paint

    Here is the "federal" green and desert tan you can get at home depot. they are water based and you can cut the paint and use one of those 9.99 hobby spray guns from harbor freight
  5. jmpogue89

    Looking for gun ring and door pictures.

    anyone bidding on the aft support frames or gun rail mounts on Ironplanet?
  6. jmpogue89

    Looking for gun ring and door pictures.

    AsI work out the pieces, I’ll post the autocad or laser file
  7. jmpogue89

    Changing the front cab mounts on the 1078A1 for those who will come here seeking parts I found this online. better than the $98 a piece on ebay
  8. jmpogue89

    Pictures of radios wanted installed in growler

    I had / saw a picture, like you I wanted to get the original radio for the vehicle. In the picture I saw, the Thales Tricom radio was side mounted between the front seats and the amp was on the Passenger side of that mounting plate. This particular radio is basically a mount and amplifier for...
  9. jmpogue89

    Air leak

    As you can see, the improved one piece hose with three times the heat sync capabilities is slightly better 😎
  10. jmpogue89

    Air leak

    If I didn’t dive the Growler for a week, i would find it squatting down and I would start it and air it up. I thought this was normal but I eventually found a small leak in the line from the compressor head to the air dryer. this air hose was laying on top of the dryer and vibrated through. So...
  11. jmpogue89

    Engine splash guards

    did you get those splash guards installed?
  12. jmpogue89

    Growler grease fittings

    I found grease fittings on the stabilizer arms on top and on the bottom
  13. jmpogue89

    Looking for salvage yards around Houston Tx

    If you haven been by the National United States Armed Forces Museum come by and see us. We are located at 8611 Wallisville Rd in Houston. That is in the NE 610 loop area around the tank farms. The cross streets are McCarty and Wallisville. Lots of good guys who maintain their own vehicles that...
  14. jmpogue89

    Non-op compressor

    if you measure across a good fuse you get no voltage or little voltage reading. If the fuse is bad (open) you see source voltage (12/24)
  15. jmpogue89

    Non-op compressor

    Just a reminder, you get source voltage across an open
  16. jmpogue89

    4 wheel steering

    I came across this error code table for the AFT steering
  17. jmpogue89

    Oil filter

    Please post any information you find. I think we are our best support team.
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