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  1. redass73

    816 Action

    Hey fella's Had a change to get my wrecker project. Got the call of an ammonia trailer had broke an spindle out in a field. the company wanted to know if we could load the tank on thier straight truck.when we got there I lifted the tank while thier worker cut the trailer loose . then I rotated...
  2. redass73

    jump starter

    hey fellas came up with this gas powered generator/ jump starter. but that is about all i know.. the leads have all been cut off. seems the toggle switchs have been moved and instuctions painted over.. I would love to mount this on my 816 but before i get it running i need to know how it works...
  3. redass73

    what is this coating

    saw this coating on a tractor... i know it is army applied..looks durable..
  4. redass73

    picked up wreckermans M52 friday..

    made a trip to Stout field on friday to pick up wreckermans nice M52 ... look forward to meeting him in person when he picks it up ..told him I would post a few pics.. If anybody else ever needs something picked up there I'm sure we copuld work out a similar deal.. rick
  5. redass73

    pre heater.

    I dont think my pre heater is working correctly. the light bulb never comes on. and it never seems to help it start. but in the past when giving it a small sniff of ether, there has been a little 'woosh' in the intake tube so I know somethings getting hot in there.. also all my manuals are on...
  6. redass73

    trailor ID

    hey fellas. found this trailor for sale, would like one to pull with the an m105. what model is it.the tires were 9.00-16s . thanks rick
  7. redass73

    5 ton hard top

    Woke up this morning and found a tear in my canves top. Need to find a hard top before winter now. have priced new one's, but since i'm painting it black a used one would be fine. hopefully close to indiana would be a plus. Thanks rick
  8. redass73

    wrecker levers

    what are these for? I was thinking for the rear winch. but I hate to assume.. rick
  9. redass73

    air pack

    I was trying to remove the pipe plug from the rear of the air pack..It's not even trying to turn, is it ok the heat it up to remove this plug...thanks...Dont wanna melt anything down.
  10. redass73

    Lost rpms!

    hey fella's I need your help. I changed the "button" in my injector pump this weekend and lost 200 rpms. wont get above 1900 rpm's went from a #27 to a # 10. is that my trouble or could I have messed up the shim stack.
  11. redass73

    wiring diagrams

    cant seem to find a wiring schematic for my 816. I have some TM's which one are they in. I must be missing one or some..
  12. redass73

    wrecker bed

    I did not think that this type of wrecker bed could spin 360 deg. is this one broke or am I retarded.. :cookoo:
  13. redass73

    combo 10 ton/ m62

    found this pic. pretty cool
  14. redass73

    Nut Size ?

    I am getting ready to start my hub seal job on the rear of the 816. need to know the size of the axle nuts. need to get everything lined up as to limit the down time for the truck. any tips or advice would be helpfull. Thanks Rick
  15. redass73

    M88 ??

    hello. have any of you guys came across one of these. think its an M88.
  16. redass73

    need a 10 ton tractor

    hey all, came face to face with my first m123 this weekend.Man that thing is massive.makes my 816 look small. bet they are pricey if you can find one... rick
  17. redass73

    The only way to grease

    got to put in a little wrench time today. this is great way to grease.
  18. redass73

    wrecker seals

    hey all, need some seals for the hyd motors on my 816. thought memphis would have them. wanted to seewhat all you gurus had to say. thanks rick
  19. redass73

    tandem axle tralier

    what is the trailor that is pulled by the 20ton off road crane.seen a dragline bucket,clam-shell, extra boom section.etc. i think it was a fairly big trailor might be perfect behind the wrecker.thanks rick
  20. redass73

    m197 wanted

    would like to find a good deal on an m197 dollie.the closer to indiana the better.thanks rick
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