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  1. Ryan R.

    Christmas Caroling in Teeny and Tiny

    We took the 7 tons out to spread some Christmas cheer at some of our local senior citizen centers. The kids had a great time hanging lights on the trucks and we all had a great time singing our favorite Christmas hits. Merry Christmas to all this year!
  2. Ryan R.

    New Horn Button

    My daughter 3D printed mine. I'll bet if you throw her $25 she will make you one and send it your way. You will need the guts (spring and cap). I believe this kit from Midwest will work- It's $22.50.
  3. Ryan R.

    New Horn Button

    Hi all, I just wanted to show off the new horn button my daughter 3D printed for the MTVR. It's fully functional just like the factory horn button. Enjoy, Ryan
  4. Ryan R.

    Humvee M1123 windshield glass

    If you find this out please let me know. I need windsheilds for my M1123. Thanks, Ryan
  5. Ryan R.

    MTVR Manuals

    Hi Jason, My email is I bought two 7 ton MTVR's. I am interested in selling one of them if your still looking. Ryan
  6. Ryan R.

    MTVR Manuals

    Can I get a copy of your manuals? I’ll gladly return the favor or pay you for your help.
  7. Ryan R.

    Transport company found

    I just used this guy to haul my MK23. He was awesome and was fair on price.
  8. Ryan R.

    Mk23 power steering filter help

    I just got my MK23! Does anyone have or know where I can get a list of service part numbers, fluids, ect?
  9. Ryan R.

    8 weeks and counting

    Govplanet said to just wait longer! I had to repeat myself several times that TSC did not receive my paperwork before Lizzy would agree to send a note to the EUC department to check on it. I sent an email to the EUC department as well. I did get a response from email. They responded with...
  10. Ryan R.

    8 weeks and counting

    The gentlemen I spoke to at TSC said they no longer had any backlog. He said I should have already received my EUC back. He also mentioned they were receiving a lot of complaints about Govplanet not sending them and having to resend them.
  11. Ryan R.

    8 weeks and counting

    My EUCs were sent in 5/7/20. Waited until today and looked up the number to the TSC. TSC said they have no record of me anywhere and recommended to have GovPlnt resend all 3 EUCs. The gentlemen I spoke to at the TSC said they are all caught up and I should have received my EUC's back already...
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