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  1. tklm539

    1985 m1009 parts needed

    Hello all, need a little help. My 1985 m1009 needs a new rear drive shaft and yoke. I am not having any luck finding either. Does anyone know of a source or the civilian parts numbers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks tom
  2. tklm539

    Help please major brake problem

    Hello All its been some time since I posted. I am having a major brake problem with my deuce. Here is the description. Start the truck, air alarm goes off. Trucks moves fine. Two, three hits on the brake and the pedal is hard as a rock and the brakes are hard as a rock. The only I can get them...
  3. tklm539

    Fuel Tank Pump Fuse ?

    Hello, Does anyone know the size fuse for the intank fuel pump? I cannot read the numbers on mine clearly. I think it says 250A? Thanks Tom
  4. tklm539

    HELP Need a Rear Drive Shaft

    I just ordered the carrier from Vince at 4xHeaven. Should be out in the mail today. Thanks all. Tom
  5. tklm539

    HELP Need a Rear Drive Shaft

    Does anyone have a rear carrier that they are willing to part with? The only one I can find if for an axle that is not limited slip (civilian) I have a lm1009 I am told it is the part that the ring gear is bolted to. Mine is cracked in several places. Thanks for any help. Tom
  6. tklm539

    HELP Need a Rear Drive Shaft

    If only it were that easy!!, I had the gearing changed to 4:11 for plowing. Tom
  7. tklm539

    HELP Need a Rear Drive Shaft

    Well, not out of the woods yet. Turns out that along with the drive shaft and U-Joint, I have a cracked rear gear carrier. Would anyone have one???? I am told it is the part that the gear sits in and the ring clamps to???? It seems that it caused oil to leak to the wheel, locking the wheel on...
  8. tklm539

    HELP Need a Rear Drive Shaft

    thanks all. I just found one local for $65.00. It is for a m1009. If there is a problem with it I will be back in touch!! Thanks as always for the help. Tom
  9. tklm539

    HELP Need a Rear Drive Shaft

    Does anyone have a source for a rear drive shaft for a 1985 CUCV. My U-Joint went on Saturday and the connection at the shaft is mangled. All the local parts places cannot find one. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks Tom
  10. tklm539

    Dead Alternator HELP

    Thanks Mike, as always! I will check the link and then the local rebuild for time. Good to know that I can get new if I have to. Thanks for offering yours I have a back up plow, but it is VERY marginal Tom
  11. tklm539

    Dead Alternator HELP

    It would seem that the left side alternator on my 85 m1009 cucv is dead. With a jump the truck will start but after 5 min all electrical dies or is VERY low. Garage says to replace or rebuild the left and right at the same time. Any thoughts on which way to go. Also where can I get the...
  12. tklm539

    Need 1 pallet moved east PLEEEEEESE

    Jwaller pm on its way Thanks
  13. tklm539

    Need 1 pallet moved east PLEEEEEESE

    rizzo, PM coming your way
  14. tklm539

    Need 1 pallet moved east PLEEEEEESE

    I have a pallet of parts (700lb) in Port Huron MI. It is a gun ring, legs, cab plate, tow bar and some other minor parts. I got it from Texas, but it has now stalled out. I need it to fet as close to Albany NY as possible. Any help would be appreciated. Otherwise it is going up for sale...
  15. tklm539

    Need one convoy light cover

    Got home today with the deuce today after a short run across town. Looked up and found I was missing 1 of my convoy light covers. Argh!!!!!!!! I went back and retraced my steps only to find it in 1000 pieces. Does anyone have one or know where I could order one? Thanks Tom
  16. tklm539

    Stretch's Haspin road train

    Is that even legal :popcorn: :popcorn:
  17. tklm539

    Weight Limit

    Update, I ran the deuce from 6:30am till 5:00 pm today. This is the first time I have really used it. About 60 mile round trip to the quarry. Made five loads each weighing in around 10,000#. Truck responded very well. Yes, stopping was much slower. I did have on load at 12,000#, I was not...
  18. tklm539

    Weight Limit

    Quick question. I need to go and get 4 pallets of slate today. My deuce is singled out with 11x20's. It will all be on the road and mild hills. How much weight is safe and not overloaded Thanks Tom
  19. tklm539

    Green KFX 700 FS

    I am not sure if this is a good location or I am out of line listing this here. If it is out of line, please pull it and I apologize. I need to sell my Kawasaki KFX 700 Quad below please find my description. I will post pictures in the morning...
  20. tklm539

    M1031 and a m1008 going for parts........

    Sent a PM, If the rear bumper would fit on my M1009 and you still have it, I would take it. Mine is tweeked on one side and I would like to have the step. Thanks Tom
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