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  1. Jake59

    6.2 and how much Timing Chain Slack or stretch is “normal” ?

    Good evening all, Been trying to determine the amount of stretch my timing chain has and with only 25000 miles on this M1009, my findings are of concern to say the least. I found the slack to allow between 7 and 9 degrees of crankshaft rotation before the valve train is engaged. This really...
  2. Jake59

    6.2 Piston Rings: Sealed Power or Perfect Circle (Mahle) ?

    Hello all, I have used Perfect Circle piston rings many years ago in the seventies, with my dad, when repairing our 1957 German built tractor with MWM Diesel engine. I still have that tractor at home to this day and it starts like a charm and runs like a beast... built to last generations! I...
  3. Jake59


    To ALL, Apology for approaching you through this venue, but please allow me to say: Hope you and your family have been able to get together this year and are enjoying a warm and healthy Thanksgiving feast ! Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving from across the Atlantic!! And may we all have many...
  4. Jake59

    Looking for replacement bearing and seal for Water Pump 12557071.

    Hello, I realize I am not in my usual forum, so my apology for intruding, but have a question for HMMWV users. Anyone know a good value source for replacement bearing WR17297 and for the seal assembly of these water pumps? Need to replace a few run out bearings; sorry not in a position to...
  5. Jake59

    DIY Tool J-33043 Valve Gage Block

    Hi, Anyone have the dimensions how to make your own J-33043? Tool absolutely not available across the pond. Just need it to check/adjust the Transmission Vacuum Valve bolted to the side of the DB2 Injection Pump. Thanks, Jake
  6. Jake59

    6.2L vs. 6.5L diesel Crankshaft interchangeability?

    Hello, I am looking at a replacement crankshaft for my 1985 M1009. Anyone know if I can replace my original: NSN 2815011489535 GM 23500246 CRANKSHAFT, ENGINE 6.2 LITER, UOC: 10E, 20E with: NSN 2815014113964 GM 23502596 CRANKSHAFT, ENGINE 6.5 LITER, UOC: 11E, 12E, 30E, 40E, 50E, 60E, 70E, 80E...
  7. Jake59

    (Thread) sizes of Inverted Flare Nut used on CUCV M1009/8/...?

    Hello all, Been searching to find any revealing data in the older posts but came out blank until now. I am in the process of restoring a 1985 M1009. Part of the job requires the radiator to be removed, new brake lines to be installed and lots of sandblasting, panel replacing and painting of...
  8. Jake59

    Will an HMMWV Engine and/or Transmission fit in my M1009?

    Hello, No doubt not a smart question, but can I simply swap a HMMWV engine and/or tansmission into my M1009? Of course I understand I will likely have to change some parts, like V-belts and some pulleys, but the engine block is fundamentally the same, right? And what about the transmission...
  9. Jake59

    Front Axle Encased Axle Seal Replacement

    Hello, I have a bad front axle encased seal on the left side. This is the seal which is hidden deep inside the axle tube on the left side and where the left axle runs trough fro the differential to the left front wheel. This part is item 27 SEAL ASM, W/Guide Tube Oil, GM Part 6273977, on pages...
  10. Jake59

    CUCV M1009 6.2 V8 Waterpump interchange number?

    Hello, Anyone know if GM 19168610 Waterpmp will fit 1985 M1009 6.2 V8 Diesel ? Thank you, Jake
  11. Jake59

    Best method to remove the Steering Knuckle Arm from the Knuckle?

    Hi, Am in the phase of fixing mechanical issues on my M1009. Need to replace the Upper and Lower Ball Joints and thus also removed the 3 nuts holding the Steering Knuckle Arm to the Knuckle. But the Steering Knuckle Arm is still rock solid attached to the Knuckle, despite beating and prying...
  12. Jake59

    Various / Numerous TMs

    TMs for Old ~WWII vehicles and equipment. When I was a young Lieutenant and in charge of the Battalion Maintenance Platoon, and due to ongoing reorganizations, the B3 Maintenance Company next door was clearing out their old archieves and so they trashed hundreds of old TMs they still had laying...
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