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  1. stevemcgee99

    Is it a transmission, transfercase, ujoint or rear diff problem?

    I've lost confidence in my diagnostic ability... Now I have a squeaking noise from the back of the M1009, can hear it from inside. I thought it was the loose tire squeaking, but I tightened it down. The squeak seems to respond to speed. I'm wondering if my rear end is bad. Occasionally...
  2. stevemcgee99

    Burnt 2 Ignition Fuses in 2 days..

    I don't know if it's related, but sometimes my Gen 2 light flickers, moreso at idle. And the water in fuel light flickers some. I drained water/fuel out of the filter. Seemed to be OK after that. But then the fuel gauge started dropping rapidly. Went to empty but I had plenty of fuel. No glow...
  3. stevemcgee99

    M1009 CUCV 1986 in PNW

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