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  1. Rmtaunton


    Built a four post lift and setting it in place till pole barn is finished , as for now , right off the back porch as a few jeeps need work and hmmwv needs that new motor , But with the heavy and long version lift wow heavy , Used both cranes on both five tons , from assembling to setting in...
  2. Rmtaunton

    Auto crane 5005h on 925

    Crane from this going on this Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Rmtaunton

    Ok road trip MV related

    Ok boys and girls , I am flying out to Newark NJ sat morning to pick up a 1986 f650 I bought for just the auto crane , to put on Bubbles (m925a2) Should I drive it probably not , will it be an adventure oh yes :) so you guys wish me luck I'll need it and keep Murphy somewhere else :) Robert...
  4. Rmtaunton

    July 4th parade Marietta GA

    The big parade is on again this year , we will be starting from a different location this though at 995 Roswell street at the Cobb family resources bldg . Let's try to meet there about 8:30 am . Let me know who all can make it. See you there Robert Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Rmtaunton

    Atlanta to Denton NC

    Leaving at 4:45 am Friday morning . Anyone needing parts etc heading north let me know
  6. Rmtaunton

    Smyrna GA MVPA event at adventure outdoors

    MVPA event at adventure outdoors in Smyrna GA March 19 from 10 to 3
  7. Rmtaunton

    Marietta GA , Veterans day parade

    Veterans day parade Marietta GA, November 11 2015. Parade starts at 11am at 744 Roswell street babtist church, Ill be there about 930 Let me know whos coming Robert
  8. Rmtaunton

    Recovery from Atlanta to Fort Polk and back

    Ok so finally after trying for weeks from work and a back ordered lunette ring and adjustable riser , I have got one part , here and there, to make it all work.Heading to fort Polk Friday afternoon pulling a car trailer with a grand Cherokee , so far only have some troop seats on it .
  9. Rmtaunton

    M1061A1 trailer Question

    Is the M1061A1 rated at 10k on road or off , if its off what is the on road ? thank you Puzzled
  10. Rmtaunton

    From Lousiana to Atlanta

    Recovering my 925 from Louisiana to Atlanta , If you need a SS transport and can meet on the way let me know , Time wise it will be around the 20th of august Robert
  11. Rmtaunton

    Woo hoo I am in the club!!

  12. Rmtaunton

    Any hints on pulling and replacing MT654 in an A2

    Mostly the question is lifting and lowering ? Thank you Robert
  13. Rmtaunton

    A1 and A2 MT654 transmissions ?

    So the question is although the A1 and A2 use the same MT654 , is there only a difference of changing bellhousings for a swap or am I wrong ? Thank you Robert
  14. Rmtaunton

    4th of July Parade, Marietta GA

    We are needing more Vehicles, for the Parade again this year as we will be hauling Vets through the Parade. Last year we had 20 vehicles, and this year we want more. Last year there were over a hundred entries and over two thousand people, I think our group was about the tenth in the front...
  15. Rmtaunton

    SSGR14 Engine and Bed Swap

    I have heard from a few people that are helping and what there bringing, ok only 3. Anyway if you are or want to be involved. Please get in touch so we know who is bringing/ doing what etc. Just need to have our ducks in a row so we dont leave home without somthing in the end. Thank you...
  16. Rmtaunton

    Atlanta warbirds weekend Looks like a lot of fun think I will drive grumpy there.
  17. Rmtaunton

    Slober tube length

    Slobber tube length if anyone knows off hand mine seems to be decorating the road somewhere
  18. Rmtaunton

    Woo. Hoo won my first GL

    Woo hoo won my first gl auction , a nice 105 with cover :)
  19. Rmtaunton


    Wow!!! I was worried about a spare to do a recovery , this man and I will have to Man again is in no way way making profit or anything else he is just giving and helping , And not even in the same country . Just a message to all sometimes we all think people are selfish and world is just out...
  20. Rmtaunton

    Picking up Sat

    Going to pick up Saturday, Well I hope to. I am purchasing Saturday and if all is good or simple field repairs, I will be bringing her home or all the way to the wrecker one. If bigger repairs are needed I will make a list come back and get those parts or have towed. I need to find a spare...
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