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  1. frenchman

    phone number

    hello did some one ever get a phone number from alan, the man that was working for jack tomblin in utah? that guy has his own yard now with lot's of surplus stuff. several months ago he was showing some aerial photo of his place. i can not find the post anymore so if someone has his number could...
  2. frenchman


  3. frenchman

    driver seat frame

    blake at red river parts just found bunch of driver seat frame for the gama goat time to replace that worn out frame frenchman
  4. frenchman

    motor oil in starter

    hello did someone ever had that problem a very small amount of motor oil leaking at the bottom of the starter on the gama goat couple of drop after driving for couple hours could this lead to problem? thank you frenchman
  5. frenchman

    grounding your goat

    did you ever check to see if your goat was properly grounded? mine was not!!! after replacing my transmition and before puting the dog house back on one night i went to start the goat and to my big surprise when i pushed the start switch i got a 8 inch spark at the transmition linkage it was...
  6. frenchman

    fuel filter sticker

    hello need couple AC fuel filter sticker for the gama goat i try the regular goat dealers but they dont carry this if someone has some please email me at also mike in colorado did you ever replaced the transfer case in your gama goat i like to know how hard it is thank...
  7. frenchman

    gama goat transfer case

    hello need more info on replacing the transfer case in my gama goat from someone that did the job on their vehicle my maine concerne is the stud is it enough clearence in the hull to take it out with out remouving the studs and leave the front differencial in place any help will very much...
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