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  1. unaffiliated

    Injection pump check valve

    Ok, I have searched for this but I don't have time to read through 4000 pages of posts to find out more information about the fuel pump check valve. I have heard it can break or come apart and cause a no start issue which is what I am having. Can someone just tell me where it is with out 10...
  2. unaffiliated

    Iraq Veterans Parade

    The American Legion Post 5 in Rome, Georgia is hosting a Parade for Iraq War Veterans on Saturday June 16th, 2012. A friend of mine is helping on the planning committee. He asked if anyone had a Military Truck that could be in the Parade to carry some Veterans. I told him I new a "few" people...
  3. unaffiliated

    Alternator Pulley

    I am looking for some alternator pulleys for the 100 amp units on the CUCV's for a project I am working on with another member. I looked in the parts TM and could not find a part number. They do not show a parts breakdown for the alternator in the TM, just the complete unit. Does anyone know a...
  4. unaffiliated

    Man what a difference!!

    I was at a buddy of mine's house last night helping him replace the oil sub pan on his Mercedes. He had just changed the oil 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately he bottomed out pulling into his local watering hole due to some ongoing construction. Anyway, he had over a gallon of fairly clean Waste Motor...
  5. unaffiliated

    Military Vehicle Repair Procedure - All Models

    Please read carefully and execute all steps in EXACT order. This procedure will work on ANY Military Vehicle, regardless of Year, Make or Model. Step 1: Verify that you have a problem. Examples: Vehicle won't start. Left taillight doesn't work. Tires are black and round. You get the idea...
  6. unaffiliated

    Got me a brand new CUCV tonight with ZERO miles!!

    I knew that subject line would get ya! Actually i have the same truck, but now it has Zero miles! At least for a minute it did anyway. My truck turned over 100,000 miles tonight on the way home from a Patriot Guard Mission. I managed to get pictures while riding down the road. I know I shouldn't...
  7. unaffiliated

    Receiver Hitch Install

    I got my M1008 for three reasons. 1) My girlfriend got tired of me tearing up her 2002 Dodge Ram 2500 4X4. 2) I wanted my own truck. 3) I think the CUCV's are awesome looking trucks. Anyway, I sell used Mercedes parts and I am always needing to haul junk cars on my car trailer. I thought about...
  8. unaffiliated

    Lawn Care Tips

    Lawn Care Tip - Don't Do This! I have found that a half way decent lawn and a CUCV with rear lockers simply don't mix. It seems that every time I drive across the lawn, the CUCV leaves tracks in the grass where ever I go. If I turn really sharp, it really digs into the lawn. I guess I wont be...
  9. unaffiliated

    New Member From Coosa, Georgia

    Hi from Coosa, Georgia. I have been browsing the threads for a week or so and I figured I should introduce myself. My name is Chris Fett. I live about 15 miles west of Rome, Georgia in a small community called Coosa, right on the Alabama line. I actually have a Rome address but I don't live...
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