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  1. Jimmy

    R6602 opinion needed

    I thought that sounded a little low, at todays steel price and it weighing in around 2,000lbs you could just about scrap it and get that much.
  2. Jimmy

    R6602 opinion needed

    I have an R6602 Continental engine that I took out of my M62 a year or so ago and am going to sell it but have no idea what it is worth. The speedo showed 3710 miles and 203.7 hours and is a 1955 model. It is complete and also comes with bellhousing, clutch and starter. It ran great and has a...
  3. Jimmy

    Marine looking for HMMWV

    I am thinking of selling mine but have not made up my mind yet. Send me a PM and I can send you some pics if you want.
  4. Jimmy

    M62 wrecker questions

    When I got mine I wanted to change all the filters and fluids but never could find a filter or a place for one, I also checked the TM's and found no mention of one. I took the boom stop off of mine and it will not go all the way around because the boom winch hits the rear drag winch. I am sure...
  5. Jimmy

    Lots of Wrecker owners on here!

    Thanks CitizenSoldier, The front one is an M543 that belongs to a friend of mine, I was over at his house. He is a member here also, I am sure he will post more pics.
  6. Jimmy

    Lots of Wrecker owners on here!

    M62 Here is mine, I plan on a repaint this summer.
  7. Jimmy

    anyone ever swap out an injector pump on a Deuce

    Wow, I changed mine without taking anything extra off and it took about 1.5 hours. Just make sure you time it right.
  8. Jimmy


    There is an M62 for 3,751 and a M543A2 for $14,500 buy it now on ebay. I think that 32k is way out of line.
  9. Jimmy

    M62 front fender light WANTED

    Mine does not have that light, do you have a picture of what it is supposed to look like?
  10. Jimmy

    Muffler Modification.

    Muffler Mod OK I just jumped on the muffler modification band wagon and here are the results that I had. It took about an hour, very easy to do. I was going to make a new bracket but instead just slip rolled a new strap and broke the ends so I could us the old one. I was able to make the pipe...
  11. Jimmy

    towing a m35

    RE: Towing By the way, does anybody out there have a Whiffle tree for sale?
  12. Jimmy

    towing a m35

    Towing I couldn't find the M35 that I was looking for but I did find this.
  13. Jimmy

    M818 Pics

    That is one great looking truck!
  14. Jimmy

    really found three 5t dumps

    RE: Re: RE: really found three 5t dumps I have already used "the friends" thing on the Saracen and the new box and pan brake as well as others, I think she hates my friend Donnie now. Work is getting tired of me storing stuff there also, I have got the M54, R6602 and trans, a M35 hard top...
  15. Jimmy

    Wrecker Light Bar

    Light bar The price on the new light bars that I found were to high for me so I am in the process of building one, it is not factory but I think it will work. I am using parts that I had laying around. I still have to wire and repaint it.
  16. Jimmy

    really found three 5t dumps

    I would love to get one but I don't know how I can hide it from the war department (wife). Usually when I drag something home I just tell her "that has always been there, don't you remember?". But a dump truck will take some extra explaining.
  17. Jimmy

    WTB cable end rear wrecker winch

    I got one at the local crane store for around $70. You can look it up on line at Volunteer Wire Rope, I am sure they would send you one.
  18. Jimmy

    So what is more fun, recovering a 5 ton or two 2.5 tons?

    Great story and pics. Glad you guys made it ok, it sounds like something that would happen to me. Adventures with friends are always fun to look back on.
  19. Jimmy

    The Gathering , Pigeon Forge TN

    Count me in..I wouldn't miss it!
  20. Jimmy

    Photo of my M35A2 I just got

    Another Tennessee Boy and a great looking truck..I am glad the Big Green fever is getting contagious around here. I was all alone for awhile.
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