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  1. BuiltMFG

    Intermittent 12v issues

    I installed dome 12v LED lights on the truck. If I flip the main power switch on the truck next to the batteries they now come on for a moment then they turn off (they are wired 12v constant). When driving the dash lights act as if they are not getting enough power and and once cut off entirely...
  2. BuiltMFG

    ABS wiring component

    Had some smoke coming from the PDP and found this: Ordered some new ones and they came without the top, anybody know anything about these? DEUTSCH IPO-USA DTO4-3P Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. BuiltMFG

    Vin Number Location

    I searched the TM's and the Forum for this noob question... Where is the vin located? I have a serial number badge inside the door but it doesn't match the vin on my title or the invoice from Gov Planet. This is a 1078A1 BTW.
  4. BuiltMFG

    Switch Panel Wiring

    I have an 1078A1 with a winch. On the top of the Heat/AC resides a switch panel with a few switches for the winch, but a lot of harnesses for switches that are not there. If I am reading the wiring diagram correctly, are the switch harnesses wired with everything except the outgoing positive...
  5. BuiltMFG

    Window weather stripping

    Anybody know where to find this stuff. I’ve searched high and low but can’t seem to find it with the portion that drags on the window like a squeegee. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. BuiltMFG

    Manual hydraulic pump rebuild

    Anybody done this yet? Mine seems to be leaking on it's own and has never worked.
  7. BuiltMFG

    Parking light wire number matching game

    Windshield Washer Pump I put my windshield washer reservoir back in recently and this thing is leaking pretty bad, How does this tighten in the bottle? Are there any o-rings I should purchase prior to dealing with it? Ignore the attachment, I can't get rid of it.
  8. BuiltMFG

    Another LMTV RV Build

    I've been lurking here for a while and wanted to thank the the SS folks for their knowledge as well post my slow-roast of a build. I bought a 2002 1078A1 just over a year ago and between my day job and fighting with the county about where I can park it has made things difficult when it comes...
  9. BuiltMFG

    Power Distribution Panel diagram

    So I've torn my dash out to send to powdercoat and that means the diagram on the bottom of the panel cover is getting roasted off. I have rebuilt it in Illustrator to have it engraved on the underside. I'm only missing a couple pieces due to a blurry image. On the far left it says 24 VOLT IGN...
  10. BuiltMFG

    WTB Bushings

    Looking for some bushings Rear sway bar (upper) Cab Is there supposed to be one in the leaf spring? Thanks in advance Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. BuiltMFG

    Steering wheel replacement and specs

    I've removed the steering wheel to pull the dash apart for powder coat and I figured while I was at it I should replace it (it's in rough shape). It looks like it's a 36 spline 7/8 to 1" in diameter. Does anybody know what this equates to on another truck (i.e. GM or freight liner) so I can get...
  12. BuiltMFG

    Rewiring Light panel to work with ignition.

    I bought a keyed ignition for my 1078 off TMG and I would like for all the lights that have to be manually turned on to work with the ignition. Has anybody ever tackled this? I was watching a video by Two If Overland and noticed they wired all the lights to a single switch but I want it to work...
  13. BuiltMFG

    Voltage Regulator

    I have a bad one, part# N320712-24V Any idea where I can pick one of these up?
  14. BuiltMFG

    Heater Check Engine Code

    * Updated I'm trying to get my junk emissions tested so all of the paperwork is finalized so I can get plates from the DMV. There is a code for the air intake heater that is being thrown and that's all that is holding me back. Just curious if anybody else has had this experience and where to...
  15. BuiltMFG

    Throwing Codes

    I plugged in my OTC HD and have about 7 codes that need diagnosing. Is there any resource that I can use for help? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. BuiltMFG

    Cab Latch parts/schematic

    I'm going through this truck with the manual and running into all sorts of fun stuff. The cab latch appears to be missing a crown and possibly the o-ring for the plunger switch. Does anybody have a breakdown of this thing or a place to find parts? Thanks in advance Sent from my iPhone...
  17. BuiltMFG

    LMTV jumper pigtail

    Looking for the male side of this so I can possibly hook up a trickle charger. Anybody have an idea of the part# Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. BuiltMFG

    Colorado LMTV Owner

    Just had a 2002 LMTV Delivered on Friday and I am interested to know if there are any other LMTV owners, parts peeps, or trusted mechanics here in CO. I'm looking at creating an Overland vehicle with my rig... so I'm a few years out and the learning curve is pretty steep.
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