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  1. tklm539

    1985 m1009 parts needed

    Hello all, need a little help. My 1985 m1009 needs a new rear drive shaft and yoke. I am not having any luck finding either. Does anyone know of a source or the civilian parts numbers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks tom
  2. tklm539

    Help please major brake problem

    Hello All its been some time since I posted. I am having a major brake problem with my deuce. Here is the description. Start the truck, air alarm goes off. Trucks moves fine. Two, three hits on the brake and the pedal is hard as a rock and the brakes are hard as a rock. The only I can get them...
  3. tklm539

    Fuel Tank Pump Fuse ?

    Hello, Does anyone know the size fuse for the intank fuel pump? I cannot read the numbers on mine clearly. I think it says 250A? Thanks Tom
  4. tklm539

    HELP Need a Rear Drive Shaft

    Does anyone have a source for a rear drive shaft for a 1985 CUCV. My U-Joint went on Saturday and the connection at the shaft is mangled. All the local parts places cannot find one. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks Tom
  5. tklm539

    Dead Alternator HELP

    It would seem that the left side alternator on my 85 m1009 cucv is dead. With a jump the truck will start but after 5 min all electrical dies or is VERY low. Garage says to replace or rebuild the left and right at the same time. Any thoughts on which way to go. Also where can I get the...
  6. tklm539

    Need 1 pallet moved east PLEEEEEESE

    I have a pallet of parts (700lb) in Port Huron MI. It is a gun ring, legs, cab plate, tow bar and some other minor parts. I got it from Texas, but it has now stalled out. I need it to fet as close to Albany NY as possible. Any help would be appreciated. Otherwise it is going up for sale...
  7. tklm539

    Need one convoy light cover

    Got home today with the deuce today after a short run across town. Looked up and found I was missing 1 of my convoy light covers. Argh!!!!!!!! I went back and retraced my steps only to find it in 1000 pieces. Does anyone have one or know where I could order one? Thanks Tom
  8. tklm539

    Weight Limit

    Quick question. I need to go and get 4 pallets of slate today. My deuce is singled out with 11x20's. It will all be on the road and mild hills. How much weight is safe and not overloaded Thanks Tom
  9. tklm539

    Green KFX 700 FS

    I am not sure if this is a good location or I am out of line listing this here. If it is out of line, please pull it and I apologize. I need to sell my Kawasaki KFX 700 Quad below please find my description. I will post pictures in the morning...
  10. tklm539

    WMO ?

    Hello, Someone I work with just gave me 30 gallons of Waste Motor Oil that was left in one of his rental units. Can I put this in my deuce strait, filtered or mixed with diesel? I it looks to be all oil, pretty dark stuff. I do not see any water. Thanks Tom
  11. tklm539

    Need 3/4' chain

    Hello I am looking for two sections of 3/4 chain 30-32" each. Or one section 60-64" . I have been looking online with know luck. Does anyone have any or know where to get it. All I could find was like 30' sections. Thanks Tom
  12. tklm539

    9.00x20.00 to 11.00x200

    Hello, I am putting 4 g177 11.00x20.00 on my deuce. I need to remove 4 ND's of the original rims. I was thinking of doing the labor myself, part to learn how and part to save money. Could anyone tell me if this is possible with little more than a sledge and prybar? also, can I use the tube...
  13. tklm539

    Need 1 Wheel budd

    Hello All, I am returning my deuce to duals. Not really sure how, but I have lost one of the original wheel budds. I have the nut just need the budd part. I was hoping that someone who has singled out their truck, might want to part with one. Thanks Tom
  14. tklm539

    Upstate NY to Aberdeen

    Hello, I am looking for transit of a 2'x2'x4' shipment to Aberdeen. I am located in upstate NY, but will bring it to you. Total weight is around 500 lbs. Any help would be great. The stuff needs to make its way to Texas, and this is only the first leg of the trip!! Thanks Tom
  15. tklm539

    Hidden Hitch Class III/ Shocks ?

    Has anyone tried a Hidden Hitch listed with JC Whitney on a M1009? I need to put on a receiver that has a higher TW than the stock bumper will allow with a bolt on step bumper type. It says it will bolt on with little or no drilling. Hitch...
  16. tklm539

    Where can I find one of these?

    Has anyone seen a source for a tire holder like this? Thanks Tom
  17. tklm539

    Need help finding.....

    Hello, I am looking for 3 toggle switches for the fog lights and IF lights on my cucv. The switches need to be for 24v. I cannot find any locally. The ones I found from a surplus supplier are pretty expensive. Does anyone know where I can find any online? I have been looking with no luck. I...
  18. tklm539

    3 Color Camo Painting Advice Needed

    Hello All, I was hoping to get some advice on possibly painting my m1009 in three color camo. I have seen some really good examples and some really bad examples of camo painting. I will be spraying, I am curious how to mask out the pattern. (I have seen the TM's with the outlines) I want it...
  19. tklm539

    HHO in CUCV ?

    Ok, road diesel has now passed the $3.75 mark here. I have 300 gal. of Home Heating Oil in a ground tank for my home. I have switched to wood, so it is just sitting there. Can I use this in my CUCV without harm to the motor or filters? I understand the dye issue and taxes so this is a theory...
  20. tklm539

    Strang cunking noise in M1009 steering

    Need a little help. I apologize for the un technical description to follow... I have noticed a slight clicking noise when I turn the wheel left or right when parked or barely moving. To make matters worse, when I turn to the right at very low speeds, I occationally get a clunk out of the front...
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