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  1. dougimes

    Progress on '71 , now on the engine- how bad is too bad?

    Just about done with the body restoration, ill post some pictures soon. Survey of engine- some pitting on cylinder of otherwise good block. how bad is too bad? what happens if you run something like this? The other picture- the Mutt back on all fours for the first time in 2 years.
  2. dougimes

    What gear oil does everyone like for the 3 speed and transfer?

    I am servicing my 3 speed and transfer in the M38. What gear oil is everyone' favorite? I have used sae80-90 over the years, and have run some purple synthetic in the m38a1. advise?
  3. dougimes

    Ran rough. it was in fact, the condenser

    My dad and I were working on his M37, it was running well, stopped like it ran out of gas. he gassed it back up, then it wouldn't start. still thinking fuel, replaced the fuel pump with a 24v pump, set the bowl height, and generally played around with fuel delivery. Put new points and...
  4. dougimes

    New Project in SC

    Starting into this A2. Good points are engine and driveline Bad point is the body. Mid cross member is all but gone. floors gone. front crossmember repairable.
  5. dougimes

    diference between transfer cases on WC's

    Is the transfer case for the WC 62 different than that of the WC 51. 1 1/2 ton vs the 3/4 ton? Particularly, is the gear ratio the same, are both 2 speed?
  6. dougimes

    M715 in the Bankhead Convoy

    Dad and I ran the M715 for the Charlotte to GA portion of the cross country convoy. Had a great time with a bunch of guys who's sense of adventure exceeds good judgment. The truck ran as Jeep would like to advertise, comfortable and quiet, except I am still fighting a coolant lose...
  7. dougimes

    oil pressure, how low too low

    I took the m715 on a shake down run of 60 miles or so getting ready for my leg of the Cross Country Convoy. The only issue I see, after the truck is all warmed up and has been running a while, oil pressure stabilizes while at speed, I show about 10 to 15 PSI of oil pressure. At idle its...
  8. dougimes

    Hard to find coolant leak

    I have a hard to find coolant leak, losing a gallon every 50 miles. my observations. only happens while operating. only visible liquid is down wind (while driving) of the overflow tube. coating the right axle and leaf springs. no other trace above that. system holds pressure. After...
  9. dougimes

    Cross Country convoy - MVPA Bankhead 2015

    I am going to roll my M715 for a part of a leg of the cross country convoy in September. I am picking up the group in Charlotte and rolling with them to GA. Making a truck ready for long day road miles has been an interesting exercise. You look at things differently. I replaced the single...
  10. dougimes

    715 moves to south carolina

    Gene Imes, (my dad) sent his M715 down from Wisconsin for me to take care of . He has been using it as a farm truck, feeding animals etc. He recently painted it and decommissioned it, added bows and seats etc. Questions for the group. what should I absolutely do before I run it much...
  11. dougimes

    calling all engine gurus

    This one has me stumped for the moment. Engine runs rough at idle, chugging, very un-even. Smoke out the exhaust that smells like unburned gas. It was running fine, has been for years. I made a 10 mile back and forth run to the gas station, by the time I got back, I had the above...
  12. dougimes

    Hand cranking a dodge

    Has anyone ever tried to hand crank a flat 6 to life using the hand crank thru the hole in the front bumper?
  13. dougimes

    exhaust manifold for Herc 230. Got one.

    Anybody in need of an intake/exhaust manifold for your scout car or M8. I have come upon one. Let me know,
  14. dougimes

    Amphibious Jeep makes a splash at Triple Tree Flyin This is Steve Barber's GPA at the Triple Tree MV show and Flyin in Woodruff SC
  15. dougimes

    A few pix from Iola 2013

    This is one of 2 nice 715's this year. didnt catch the owners name. New canvas and nice paint and markings.
  16. dougimes

    WC-21 Canvas

    Finally added canvas to my WC-21. Made from number 10 o.d. canvas tarp on my Wife's sewing machine. I got the lift snaps from OD Cloth.
  17. dougimes

    found this M37, anyone interested?

    Found this m37 at a salvage yard in Chippewa Falls WI. Driveable and intact. Interesting to see on in original paint. Anyone interested I can put you in touch
  18. dougimes

    M38a1C picture of the day. In the news yesterday Still in Service Recoiless still depolyed in S Korea Hard to improve on something so fundamentally corrects
  19. dougimes

    slave receptical for an M38

    Finally got around to adding the slave recepitcal to the M38. Restored the jeep in 1995, still adding parts. Aint it grand?
  20. dougimes

    m38 Recovery!

    An M38 just surfaced in a barn in SC. Headed out tomorrow to recover it, We will post some pictures when we get there.
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