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  1. markg

    Who got the cucv II in texas?

    Anybody? thanks. mark. i would like to take a look.
  2. markg

    Discontinued steering column ignition parts

    This is what is called a rack, wich comes off the key cylinder to push the rod to start your cucv truck. ive been looking for one . the gm part number is 7843368. it has been discontinued. my local dealer gave me a list of the remaining dealers that showed this in inventory. some people may need...
  3. markg

    New 1984 m1028 from texas forest service

    I picked this up last week from the texas forest service in lufkin. loaded the truck with the wheels locked. The lock cylinder was broke, ignition rod was not attached. I replaced the lock cylinder and used a vice grip to grab the ignition rod . I installed a couple of batterties, pushed the rod...
  4. markg

    This was mounted in the floor of a previous cucv truck

    I was digging around the shop looking for blackout switches, fuel caps and other stuff when i discovered this red light with an on-off switch that was mounted on the hump next to the t-case of a previous truck. what was its purpose? thanks. mark.
  5. markg

    new m1009 picked up thursday from gsa

    latest m1009 picked up from gsa. first picks after getting a handle on whats needed. im not sure who did the starter relay mod or the spin on filter conversion. glow plug card is gone with push button conversion. i replaced the volt gage. batteries were dated 1-08 but after slow charge they both...
  6. markg

    m1028 from texas forest service with a salvage title?

    here is my latest purchase from tfs through gsa. 86 m1028 with 20k miles. truck was complete including battery hold downs, spare tire and wheel with carrier, horn button, lug wrench(no jack), two d-rings. only thing missing was rear bumper . it was a shelter carrier, probably didnt have a...
  7. markg

    texas forest service

    here is a m1028 that i just picked up from the texas forest service in lufkin,tx. their description usually includes no keys, parts missing etc,etc. and a picture of the front of the truck. i was surprised to find when i went to pick the truck up that it was complete . the lock cylinder had been...
  8. markg

    84 m1010 ambulance 7800 miles. duvac problem

    m1010 ambulance. 7800 miles. i just purchased at a local sale here in the austin area. after getting the truck home i checked the output of both alternators, front battery 12.5v back battery 15.5v. i said oh no!! bad duvac!!!. ive read all the posts. seems the only way to go was to replace with...
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