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  1. JasonS

    Wiring a 3 kw set to house

    Keep in mind that being out of phase, their sum will not be the sum of the individual phases.
  2. JasonS

    Wiring a 3 kw set to house

    I don't think that this will get you what you want either. The two legs of three phase will not be in phase. This will affect your 240V appliances. Your 120-n-120 is in phase.
  3. JasonS

    Wiring a 3 kw set to house

    Power comes off the line through a center tapped secondary transformer. This is how you get 120-n-120. How are you getting the 'neutral' off of the generator? Without this, the voltage line to neutral will be established by the individual loads and will be unstable.
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