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    here is a source for used mep002/003 parts

    Someone, me included, is always looking for something for their sets. In my case, I needed a set of injector lines, some shrouding and some other small stuff. I found it with Tom (didn't get his last name), in Baytown, TX, who has a dozen or so 002s and 003s he is parting out at very reasonable...
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    rebuilding a mep003 voltage regulator?

    Anybody done it? It's a pretty simple circuit and the parts wouldn't cost much so it wouldn't be too difficult *if* the encapsulating compound is fairly easy to remove. Otherwise it might be easier to breadboard it. Does anyone know a good solvent for the compound that won't eat the board as...
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    mep016a voltage regulator repair

    I was/am preparing a mep016a for my daughter to use as a backup generator. The set is new to me but after cleaning the fuel system it started right up. The carb wasn't set right and it ran for a couple of minutes at 45hz before I got it steady at 60hz. I don't know if this stressed the voltage...
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    mep003a rebuild date code?

    I just purchased a pair of mep003a's and a mep002a from gsa. One of the mep003a engines has a rebuild tag with a date code of "5 213". Can anyone decode the date for me? Thanks Peyton
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    does the mep-701 run at 3600 rpm?

    Did I overlook it? I couldn't find any info in the tech info section pertaining to the 3kw diesel gensets. Thanks Peyton
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    diesel chainsaws?

    Sitting here thinking of "all things diesel" and it came to me ... chainsaws! Did the military use diesel chainsaws?
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    TMs for MEP-002 & 003 ... to upload?

    I have purchased a cd which, among other things, contains the TMs for the MEP-002 and MEP-003 gensets. I *believe* that these publications are in the public domain. Should I upload them? If so, how? Thanks Peyton
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    genset propane conversion anyone?

    Has anyone done or looked into converting one of the small mil std gas engines (4a032, 2a042, etc) to run on propane or natural gas? I don't know if fuel costs would go up or down but there are some advantages: no fuel deterioration, safer storage, larger tanks ,etc.
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    3kw gas genset carb questions

    Hi all, When I first got this MEP16A a couple of months ago, it would start and seemed to run ok altho I never let it run for more than a couple of minutes at a time. Just long enough to see that it wasn't putting out any power. Lately tho I've been having trouble getting the 4a032 engine to...
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