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  1. J

    What to do with generator wires 568a and 2a

    I converted my humvee to a 1 wire 24v alternator and have 2 wires that im not sure what to do with. Everything has been working great for the past few months except the windshield wipers. They dont work at all and havent since the conversion. Worked great prior. The two wires that were...
  2. J

    Tilt steering wheel

    Putting this out for those who don't know. I was looking around under my dash of my 88 m998 and noticed the steering wheel has a tilt adjustment. Just need a 9/16 wrench and a few turns. I've drove mine 1200 miles in 6 months and just figured this out.
  3. J

    New runflat design?

    I had posted one picture of these run flats in a prior post on 12bolt vs 24bolt rims. I thought I'd post a new topic with some additional pictures. No real questions just an fyI on a runflat I hadn't seen. Came with 24 bolt rims. I mocked them up on my old 12 bolt rims.
  4. J

    12bolt run flats with 24bolt rims

    I just picked up some 24 bolt rims and inserts. My plan was to leave my current 12 bolt rim inserts in the tires and swap the rims. Will this work. My new inserts are 3 piece aluminum inserts. Mfg 6/2015. I looked around a little bit on the web and didn't see any pictures of them. I...
  5. J

    4 Man Cargo Cover

    I have an 1988 4 door that came with the cargo cover bows but no cover. I've found them on ebay and elsewhere. Are they all interchange?
  6. J

    Mirror glass m998

    The mirror glass is broke in both my mirrors. Big piece in one mirror small piece in the other. Does anyone know if Napa would carry just the mirror portion. Does it interchange with some factory mirror.
  7. J

    WD40 paint refresh

    I mentioned this is the paint section but thought I'd post here as well. The paint on my M998 was looking faded, almost chaulky in places. Somebody in the paint section mentioned he heard spraying it down with WD40 will give it a fresh look. I gave it a shot and it works miracles. I'm...
  8. J

    Wet sanding/clear CARC paint

    Has anyone cleared over CARC paint before. The paint on my M998 is in good shape but the colors are getting faded out. I'm not looking to make it shinny, just looking to make the colors a bit darker. I was thinking about wet sanding it with some 600 and spraying a flat clear over it. Has...
  9. J

    Hello from Spokane Wa - m998

    Picked up my 88 m998 from Fort Lewis last week. I think I'm one of the lucky ones. Runs great, checked and changed the fluids and have driven it about 120 miles since Saturday. Other than getting some hearing protection no real plans to do much to it at this point. **** they are loud past...
  10. J

    M998 markings

    Just got my m998 home and can someone help me with these markings. Came out of FT Lewis WA.
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