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    Legal Issues that could effect all MV Owners

    1990 Bmy A923A2. You have probably done this, but contact your local Congressman and present to him/her the inequities between states and how Ga.s Postion puts you at a disadvantage. I recommend you present them the solution you'd like. As I stated earlier my truck was purchased in Atlanta and...
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    Legal Issues that could effect all MV Owners

    Just a thought, I titled mine in Florida without incident. How would the state of Ga. deal with a transfer of a Fl. title. When I picked mine up in Atlanta I had to get a temp. Tag to get it back into Fl. I called several different offices and finally got what I needed at Fl. DOT
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    Oil sample questions

    I've used Catapilars lab for years for my marine engines. Trending of your own motor / tranni is a very useful tool. Use good sampling technique as this can give false reading. Engines that have sat can give some scarey results especially in the south where we have heat and humidity. I have had...
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    Transmission Oil - 80w/90 vs SAE 40/50

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    Transmission Oil - 80w/90 vs SAE 40/50

    New member and a new owner of a m932a2. Just drove her back to Tampa from Atlanta without any problems. I read the manuals for the transmission and was surprised that this one had transmission fluid instead of oil. It came with extra cans of train fluid. I changed out the filter and the fluid...
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