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    1008 tires

    Just noticed has 235/85/16 general grabber at2 tires on sale for $99.50 each. I have 33/12.5/15s at2s on my 1009 and they perform well.
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    Anyone seen one of these transmissions?

    NP 440/ NP 883. It is a 4 speed manual transmission. With 4th being a. 73 od. Gm option code MY6. Came in 81-87 full size trucks.2wd and 4wd. The 4wd models were cast iron cases,2wd aluminum. About the same gear ratio in 1st and 2nd as a 700r4. Would be great with a set of 3.73- 4.10 gears. I am...
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    1009 leaf spring choices

    Front: 3 leaf 1400 lb.spring or 4 leaf 1900 lb.spring ? Rear 5 leaf 1900 lb.spring or 6 leaf 2350 lb.spring ? The 3 leaf front and 5 leaf rear are stock on the 1009. Wondering how bad ride would be with the heavier rate springs.
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    IP input fitting size.

    Does anyone know the fitting size for the feed to the IP, looking to upgrade to braided stainless and an fittings when I swap intakes.
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    hey that wasn't to hard to learn. I can post pictures....
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    More heat to heater core.

    Since the 2 rear cylinders are the hot spots in the coolant system would it be beneficial to run a rear cylinder head bypass system right in to the heater core input? A few years ago I had read somewhere about the rear cylinder head bypass system and I found the threaded plates that bolt on the...
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    700r4 for a 456 geared 1009

    Found a low miles 700r4 for an 85 k5 th350 locally fairly cheap. I will have trans rebuilt. Do I want to replace output shaft on transmission or the input shaft on the factory transfer case?
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    Gauge Mounting Pods. has 3 gauge a pillar pods for 3 2 1/16 gauges. Also found dash mount pods at # POD-004. I have both and they are decent quality. Saves drilling holes in dashboard.
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    Final drive gear ratio in 4 low

    In a cucv with a 208 transfer case in 4 low and 4.56 gears,what would the final drive gear ratio be.? Also what would it be with a 205 transfer case?
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    Truck lite 27450c headlights.

    When using the Truck lite headlights and the LMC HD headlight harness can you feed the relay with 24v instead of 12v? Using the relay the harness comes with? The lights are multiple volt but not sure about the relays.
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    Dual plane vs single plane intake

    Picked up a single plane intake today, I figure it will move the torque curve up in the rpm range? My 1009 is geared at 4.56 and driven at 3000 plus rpms. Most of the time. I'm also going to match the ports to the gaskets. Advice welcome.
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    In radiator engine oil cooler

    Would it be okay to use the in radiator engine oil cooler as the in radiator transmission oil cooler?
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    1009 bumper transport

    Attempting to get transportation of 1009 bumper from Hillbilly Wizard to the Findlay, Ohio show..Anyone going to be close?
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    How much are you paying for diesel in your area?

    I live in northern Ohio and work in Columbus, Ohio. Today I paid 1.65 per gallon near home, but it was 2.09-2.20 per gallon 100 miles south. What are you paying?
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    Recent developments with the 1009.

    Everything worked well at morning starting, then when I went to start after work No GP light, no GP activation with manual push button no fuel gauge and no cold start advance activation, when I got it to start it was at low idle and injector timing not advanced. Any ideas? I'm working 2 hrs...
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    Thermostat issues.

    I have replaced 3 thermostats in 5 weeks, they work fine for about a week, engine warms to 195 opens and cools then warms back up,after about a week they open up at 160 degrees, two were from advanced auto with black plastic hockey puck the other was all brass from autozone.All worked well...
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    Gen2 light.

    My Gen2 light comes on after 1009 warms up,its very dim and not noticeable if it's light out you can't even see it,voltmeter reads normal.alt. output reads normal batts.both have 12.9-13v reading.Will it last a few weeks til I can afford a rebuild?I'm 24v starter only.
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    1009 block heater

    Last night was first night I was able to park close enough to a power outlet,I'm working out of town and staying in a motel.I plugged the tanks style Kim hots tart heater in at 8pm and started it at 530am.It started and sounded so much quiter,even better than it started in July.It was 2 above...
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    Occasionally my left turn signal indicator lights up

    About once a week my left turn light indicator lights up,voltmeter reads normal, bulbs all good. Bad grounds maybe? I drive about 2 hrs. To Columbus, then 10 miles each day til Friday,then 2 hrs back home.Only seems to happen on the long trips.When it does happen I turn on left blinker for a...
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