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    Hearing Protection - An often overlooked safety concern

    Ditto here! I still have and use my initial issue David Clark ear defenders that I got in 1982. They kept my ears safe around the KC-135A & A-10s. I also own 2 other pairs of DC's that I use and share with family members. I use 'em for shooting, mowing the lawn, and running the chainsaw. Now...
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    She ran away

    Wow! Congrats on surviving a runaway. I have never personally exerienced a runaway but, I've heard many stories. It used to be very common to see emergency shutdown handles/switches on diesels. Usually it was a spring-loaded flapper valve on the intake duct that was held open with a mechanical...
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    Argh! It won't start! Possibly fuel issue?

    Check to be sure that you are getting power out of the solenoid. I had one at work that clicked but the contacts inside were burned and I was getting no juice out of it. Swapped out the solenoid and the glow plugs worked great.
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    Massachusetts Enhanced Inspection

    Hmmm...was he wearing an aluminum foil beanie?? Ya know, just to keep the government microwaves from changing his mind.:wink: In fact the Mass. RMV is responsible for this program. It is a state program but they simply "cut and pasted" the federal DOT inspection criteria in to the state...
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    First Aid Kits

    Looks like some great suggestions... I'd offer the following: 500cc bottle of Saline (irrigate eyes and other body parts) "Sam Splint" or equivalent (to splint sprained or broken body parts) "Water Gel" (soothes burned body parts) Ibuprofen (helps with swollen body parts) 1-2 rolls medical...
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    Military Fire Extinguishers and their refilling...

    Not sure about MV but I know that in the early '80's they replaced the old CB extinguishers on our planes(KC-135A) with Halon. Shortly after that they discovered that halon rips up the ozone layer pretty good and the civilian world has moved away from it. Interestingly, Halon extinguishes fire...
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    Massachusetts Enhanced Inspection

    If anyone is looking for a little light reading, here's the new Mass inspection law...all 19 pages. The definition is on page 1.
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    Massachusetts Enhanced Inspection

    ..and the world gets smaller...Obama's campaign manager field tested his tactics when he was Deval Patrick's campaign manager...up to and including some of the EXACT same speeches and slogans.. The older I get the more politics scares me.
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    Massachusetts Enhanced Inspection

    Well, actually we have a huge shortfall. Unfortunately this new program is going to make it worse. The state still only gets $29 for the state inspection. The hour of shop rate goes to the inspection station. The small cities and towns take it in the shorts because nobody budgeted for the cost...
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    Massachusetts Enhanced Inspection

    Has anyone from Mass. had to put their Deuce through the new "Enhanced Vehicle Inspection?" As of Oct. 1st all commercial vehicles, vehicles with a GVW greater than 10,001lbs, or more than 5 tires on the ground have to get a DOT inspection when they get their annual State inspection. The...
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    MEP15A 1.5 KW carb "issues"

    RE: Re: RE: MEP15A 1.5 KW carb "issues" Would there be any benefit to shaving the float instead of the bowl?
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    MEP15A 1.5 KW carb "issues"

    Thanks guys. You are pretty much confirming my thoughts on what's happening. After having the same problem with 2 different carbs I'm hoping it's just some spooge and I can flush it without disassembly. I also need to put a filter back in the sediment bowl..I never knew there was suppose to be...
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    MEP15A 1.5 KW carb "issues"

    I picked up a 1.5KW genset for a sweet deal (read $0). It didn't run when I got it but after cleaning the gunk out of the carb it ran like a top for...about a week. Then it started shooting gas out of the air cleaner..I figured the float wasn't closing all the way and just got a new carb from...
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    JAFO Test

    Please, don't let me screw the pooch.
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