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    Electrial problem on 5 ton dump - M51

    Electrical problems make my head hurt so I hope someone can lead me in the right direction to find this problem. The truck has sat unused for about 6 months. When I went to get it there was no power when the master switch was turned on. OK, batteries are old so must be dead. Charged batteries...
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    Articulated forklift questons

    This may not be the right forum but, I have a Friend that has acquired a military forklift and is trying to get it going. He has asked me for information but I know very little about it. It appears to be built by Clark. It has a Clark transmission behind a Cummings engine. The Data tag is...
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    poppop,s M37 restore thread

    OK, a diclaimer from the start. This will not be done at zouts warp speed and also not his quility. Probably not PB's either. It will be the most extensive job i have done on an MV. I bought this truck from an SS member who had started restoration and had 80 % of the parts needed to do it...
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    M37 distributor question

    I did some more work on old blue today. I got the carb adjusted and idle slowed down by tightening the return spring. It just did not sound right so I checked all plugs for firing. Number 4 and 6 were dead with no spark at the plug. Removed the cap and inside is another round cap. Removed...
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    New to me M37

    My M7 arrived at the farm this week. Thanks to oldvw2 for selling it to me. It is a very solid truck and came loaded with parts to get it fixed up right. I would love to just drive it some but Chad had started restoring it, so it is going into the shop to strip the body parts off. I wish I...
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    Parts difference in sprag and airshift

    Can someone tell me if the range shifter shaft and parts are the same in both cases?? I can't find a parts listing in the TM's for a sprag unit. Namely the synconizer assembly. Is it the same in both cases??
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    voltage regulaters

    I have two alternaters that need voltage regulaters and have been looking for a source. Saw an ad in the Auto Restorer magazine about a place that could find most any part for old starters and generaters. I contacted them and he had to hunt but found them. He found them at CME in Fl which we...
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    Deuce electric power drain

    My Duece starting draining the batterys several weeks ago. When I disconect a battery cable and touch it back to the post I get a little spark. I started disconnectiog things until the spark went away. It seems the alternater is the problem. I replaced it with a take out I got from papabear...
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    Lubrication trailer

    There was a thread a couple weeks ago about TM's for the lube trailers. i have searched and looked back at posts for a couple hours and can not find it. Can anyone help me find them?? thanks
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    She's a whistler

    OK, so I finally got my latest Duece home yesterday. I posted earlier about it and all the parts missing and commented it might be a parts truck. Someone came back and told me someone beat me to it. Well the contract date is 1984 so it is that or newer. The Radiator is gone so we stuck a...
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    New engine

    Just installed an NOS A2 engine in the MUTT. The old engine had a bad cylinder that woukl foul the plug if you ran slow very long. Slow on the Farm right now so swapped her out. The new engine started right up after a few taps on the Carb to get gas flowing. Amazing for an engine that...
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    papabear, mission accomplished

    Pappabear, Walter came by a day early from his vacation in Fl while home on two weeks leave from over there. I had cranked the truck to make sure the alternater was good and it was. We got it pulled before he got here and was ready for him. He is a fine young soldier and his Bride to be is...
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    need help with turn signals

    The turn signals on my Duece have not worked since I returned from the Ga. Rally last year. Its almost time to go again and I am trying to get them working. I have searched the site for info, I have the 5 ton paper manual that covers trouble- shooting the turn signals as well as the CD for the...
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    Saved Deuce

    I saved a couple of Dueces from the scrapper earlier in the year. They were at a surplus store and had sat there for years. The City ordered the owner to clean up his lot and when he refused the city had the vehicles towed. The tow company owner was a good friend of a friend of mine. When...
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    Good Bad Ugly Gun Truck

    Is there anyone out there that remembers or served around the Good Bad Ugly truck?? I have a friend that was in the Unit and he is interested in it. One of his story's is he and a friend that served on the truck drove onto a well populated helicopter field and removed one of its machine guns...
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    Deuce recovery from FT Stewart

    My Friend bob130ab recently won two Dueces on GL. One was at Warner Robbins abd the other at Fort Stewart. He drove to Robbins and inspected the trucks before the sale. There was only one at Stewart so since it was so close to us he did not inspect but put in a max bid early in the sale at a...
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    817 almost goes for a swim

    My Friend Bob bought his 817 to clean out his pond and make it deeper. After backing in and removing over 700 loads he forgot he had narrowed the road. He almost dropped the back in but cut the wheel to the left which kept the back out but the front wheel fell in. Used the excavator to pick up...
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    Brake question

    A five ton truck has glad hands at the front, so when towing you hook the service brakes up and have brakes on the towed truck with no modifications. Can I run an air line to the rear of a duece being towed and have brakes, or will it damage something??
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    Need injector line

    Broke a line on my 5 ton dump today. Robbed one off the wrecker to keep hauling. I don't know which one yet as I was not here when it broke. Does anyone out there have any lines or know a good place to get them??? Multi-fuel engine.
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    Need brake adjustment help

    I need to know how to do the major brake adjustment on my M54 dump. I have a paper copy of TM 9-2320-260-34 and it refers me to TM 9-2320-260-20. I do not have that one, but I found it on site but it will not down-load to my computer. Can someone give me a quick run-thru. I have adjusted...
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