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    I Need a Voltmeter Gauge for a CUCV M1009 1985

    I used a Stewart Warner 82347 .
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    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    New shoes, 295-75×16 . The fire department regeared it to 4:56 gears, so I went as tall as I could to lower cruising rpms.
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    M1009 lacks power

    Use 24v fans for half the amperage draw. Flex a lite #s 11624 or 39624.
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    M1009 lacks power

    When separating oil coolers from radiator you can use a remote oil thermostat, when I separate my oil cooler from radiator I'm going to use a derale products #25792 thermostat in conjunction with a b&m 70274 super cooler. And I do agree with adding a lubricant to modern low sulfer diesel .I use...
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    1008 tires

    Just noticed has 235/85/16 general grabber at2 tires on sale for $99.50 each. I have 33/12.5/15s at2s on my 1009 and they perform well.
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    The mythical CUCV 4L80E swap

    By specs I meant they will build 4wd and your choice of output shaft spline count.
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    The mythical CUCV 4L80E swap

    The 6x has been on my wish list with summit since 2012.I have read they will build to your specs.also.
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    The mythical CUCV 4L80E swap

    Both my 1009s have the hd th-400 trans.
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    How to have several hours of fun with starter bolts

    Leroy Diesel sells an arp starter bolt set,supposed to be an upgrade.
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    M1009 - Fuel delivery problem?

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    M1009 - Fuel delivery problem?

    I installed a 31 gal tank in my 1009 and 31 gal sending unit, I ran it out of fuel. It took 30 gallons of fuel to fill to top. So maybe you have wrong sending unit...I would verify proper sending unit ,replace filter sock, replace fuel lines , install fuel pressure gauge, verify proper fuel...
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    CUCV Cooling System Upgrade Kit

    They do exist, and I am sure your kit is on its way. I am also sure it won't help you with your over heating problems. Between gm and amg the 6.2/6.5 diesel engine has been in production for 36 years and not once have they used a rear cylinder head coolant bypass system. There just isn't any...
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    1986 m1009

    I will never forget the first time I changed the transmission fluid in my first 1009, it was disgusting. It looked like melted butter and smelled like there was a dead animal in the transmission pan. It pretty much shifted the same before and after. It shifted fine.
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    1986 m1009

    You would think that the transmission shop that inspected the truck would have at least changed the fluid and filter.
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    instaling a new diesel motor in my m1008

    There really isn't much more I can say that hasn't been said already. My 1009 has 4.56 gears and 33s, I drive it at 65mph all the time, at 3000 rpms for hours. It likes it and normally runs at 170-180 coolant temperature. And I average 16 mpg.
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    instaling a new diesel motor in my m1008

    I received a pm from 123pv tonight explaining his mindset to me.I will have to think on this before responding tomorrow.
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    mounting jerry can m1009

    Geeez Ken you have really pretty hair !
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    Differences between 6.2 and 6.5 injectors + references on Bostic

    That motor is built in Franklin,Ohio. Just about 2 hrs straight north of you.
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