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    60 Amp Alternator Regulator Repair

    I was driving the truck the other day and saw the volt gauge pegged. I have a volt gauge connected to one of the batteries and it was at 17 volts. Shut it down immediately and unplugged the exciter wire to drive home on battery power alone. Did some research and apparently the resistor fails...
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    Yet Another EESS Question

    I've been doing a ton of work on a buddies truck he bought not running. All his glow plugs were shot, most of them missing part of the tip. Before I replaced all of them, I tested the output of the EESS. It puts out full voltage during the wait light and about 5 volts for 30 seconds or so. This...
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    Custom Airlift Bumper Build

    Picked up a NOS airlift bumper several months back and finally got around to getting it installed. The bumper was reasonably priced ($150) which is only slightly more than the tube of steel it is made of. However, the brackets to mount it are going for crazy money now. So I decided to make my...
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    6.2 Safe EGTs

    So I've been wanting to turn up the fuel to get a little more power out of this dog of a motor. I wanted to check my EGTs first so I installed a gauge with the probe 2 inches behind the passenger side flange where it meets the manifold. I've only gone on a short test drive but whilst flooring it...
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    Hub Drain Bolt Magnet

    So a while back I noticed my passenger rear hub vent line was chaffed through. I replaced the hose and am in the process of changing the hub oil. While I was cleaning the filings off the magnet it came loose from the plug. Is something supposed to hold the magnet to the plug other than...
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    Bad News Georgia HMMWV Owners

    So I got this in the mail the other day. Says they don't title off road vehicles. Which doesn't matter, because what I have has been inspected by an officer and has been deemed a road-worthy vehicle in the state of Georgia (while I must say it does do very well off-road). I'll have to call on...
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    New Member, New truck and A Trans Question

    Hello all, I've been lurking this site for about almost 4 months during my EUC wait and now have 2 HMMWVs. I towed one back on a Uhaul galvanized trailer and it WILL NOT fit without unbolting the fender. Anyway, towed it home behind my H2 from Montgomery to Atlanta. I've gotten most the basic...
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