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    DIY gin pole and Alaskan sawmill from oilfield scrap

    Backstory: I've been working on removing a 100+ year old Oak tree that fell from a friends land about 3 hours from where I live. Access pretty much requires 4WD and good clearance, and you can forget running to the store for anything you might have forgotten. To that end I've been building...
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    Hub flip question

    I flipped my hubs last week, but noticed that one of the tires wasn't sitting flush with the hub, further inspection revealed that the one hub has a spacer that was not allowing the adapter plate to slide all the way flush. It appears these "spacer" plates are supposed to be on the rear instead...
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    24 bolt Aluminum MRAP wheel valve stem

    I've searched online and on this forum for a couple hours now, finally giving up. I have a broken valve stem on a 24 bolt aluminum MRAP wheel, it appears to take a 1/4" NPT, but now I'm wondering if it's a metric thread. I found a 1/4" NPT to Schrader valve, but it doesn't want to thread into...
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    KE5AFU's M36A2 Camper/RV Build

    I bought my first deuce a couple weeks ago up in Nebraska, drove it back to OKC with a ford in the back without issues. It has the LDS-465 engine and a surprising amount of power. Plans are to turn it into an off-road capable RV with using an AAC container I purchased awhile back. I steamed...
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    Newbie M36A2

    Hello all, Last year I finished my "ultimate" offroad motorcycle build, but quickly realized that it simply wouldn't suffice in terms of storage or security for longer travels. I just purchased a 1970 M36A2 in bright cherry red, (I assume it was a FD vehicle previously). I already have a AAC...
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