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  1. alburms311

    Removing cover up paint from ammo crates

    This seemed to be the best place to ask this. I came across a good deal on some grenade boxes and wanted to know what would be the best way to remove the cover paint from a few I plan to keep for my personal collection, if there is a way. If this is not the appropriate section,mods please move.
  2. alburms311

    Identification request

    I was playing under the M1009 over the weekend and noticed two frayed wires going into a two pin connector. This is located by the starter. Anyone know?
  3. alburms311

    Front Pinion Seal leak

    Hello all! So I have been nursing a neck/shoulder injury for a while now and took some time off work a few weeks back. I made a poor choice, and decided to take my M1009 down to a local mechanic to have the front pinion seal looked at and replaced if that was what was causing my leak while I...
  4. alburms311

    Starter doesn't have bracket mounting stud

    As the title states, my starter doesn't have a stud on it to mount the bracket to. It's a direct drive. Any clue as to why, and does that top bolt that is there just unscrew and allow the mounting stud to be put in its place? Any leads on a mounting stud? My searches for all these questions...
  5. alburms311

    Swiss Trailer

    Found this guy listed on the local CL, decided to pick it up. This one isn't near as complete as the one another gentleman here posted, but I wanted it8) The plates are all there, just have to work on removing the paint to determine the year. It is missing the pick axe, axe and holder on the...
  6. alburms311

    Leaking injector M1009

    So I’m out Sunday when on the way back from the store the truck becomes sluggish and loses power going up the very large hill I live on, then it shuts off. I pop the hood and smell fuel. I find that one of my injectors is leaking fluid, so I tighten it up, open the vent plug on the fuel filter...
  7. alburms311

    ATF leak at shift lever

    M1009, I have a fairly decent ATF leak that appears to be coming from where the shift lever enters the pan. The cork gasket(which sucks, and I over torqued so there are small leaks around that in places) was installed along with a new filter a few months back, and the leak has slowly appeared...
  8. alburms311

    Temp Gauge Issue

    I installed a Sunpro Mechanical Temp gauge this weekend, AA Part No. CP8217. I used the open plug on the water pump to install the sensor using the supplied adapters, and temporarily mounted the gauge under the toggle switches inside. The gauge reads 160-165 while driving around, will dip to...
  9. alburms311

    Intake manifold removal, advice/help needed

    So I decided to fix my rocker arm/valve cover leaks and Im stuck on the manifold, literally. This guy wont budge. I have removed all the bolts and what not as described in TM9-2320-289-34/3-4. Any advice on how to get this guy off?
  10. alburms311

    Transfer case ext. housing chipped off

    M1009, TH400. I recently(month or so ago) replaced the output shaft seal on my vehicle, and noticed the other day that I was leaking atf again. I got under the truck and found the tcase extension had a chip on it and that was causing me to leak again. Im thinking about putting some JB Weld on...
  11. alburms311

    Replacing a needle on a fuel gauge

    So my fuel gauge stopped working, showed around 1/4 of a tank when full. I went through the TMs, followed the directions, and everything pointed to a faulty gauge. I was able to get a take off gauge from a fellow member here(free of charge) the only thing wrong with it was the needle was...
  12. alburms311

    What's this green wire coming from the firewall and where does it connect?

    So I'm under the hood working on a leak and move the cluster of wires coming from the firewall and this green one comes out, see pics below. I can't seem to find where it should connect, anyone know? If not, which TM would this be found in? After I get the kids fed, I'll be going back out to...
  13. alburms311

    84 M1009 oil leak has me baffled

    So I completed the oil pan gasket/broken bolt extraction project this weekend thinking I had resolved my oil leak issue. It still leaks. I was certain the leak was coming from the front lip of the oil pan between the two bolts there, but apparently its just running down from behind the pan and...
  14. alburms311

    Broken Oil Pan bolt on M1009

    Hello all. So, I got home early today and decided I would tackle the leaking oil pan gasket. Simple enough yeah? The first bolt I attempt to take off, I have my ratchet turned the wrong way, so instead of loosening, I tighten, and guess what, I snap the head off... I proceed to take the other...
  15. alburms311

    Finally Legal!!!

    So after several failed attempts at getting my title(info missing and such) and playing mail tag with ALDOR, my title arrived in the mail today and I promptly went and picked up a tag:doghead: I don't ever recall being so happy to go get a car tag, but while I was waiting I worked out numerous...
  16. alburms311

    An unwanted gift

    So in my quest to find another oil leak, which I did(oil pan gasket) my light spotted something under the air filter/manifold. See pics below. It seems Mr. Mouse once lived in my vehicle. So remember everyone, if you get a vehicle that has been sitting idle for several years, check everything...
  17. alburms311

    Rear Output shaft and Pinion seal 84 M1009 ?s

    Ok, so after searching the site and the TMS, I believe I need TIMKEN Part # 5208(seal with replacement brushing, found on this site) to fix the leak in picture one. In picture two, I’m thinking I need a rear differential pinion seal according to TM9-2320-289 134P, PN 458859, Seal, Plain...
  18. alburms311

    Gen 1 light and voltage issue

    I have a few issues. Issue one, so when I start my M1009 the Gen 1 light stays on, sometimes, however, it will go off after pressing the accelerator lightly. Reading through the TMs I'm thinking I need to adjust the idle speed, however, I'm not sure how much to adjust to get to the called for...
  19. alburms311

    Albino 84 CUCV

    Hello All. This is my first post, thought I would share pictures of my new to me CUCV. It had been sitting for three years, wires and such had been cut, and had a bad passenger side alt. But after a days worth of work and several hours reading through the TMs, I was able to drive it home...
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