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  1. abh3

    M 817 dump bed on a Deuce

    Did it and it's worked for me for years. Used the hard to find rear output PTO and moved the stock dump-bed pump over to the left hand side by fabbing some plates that took hydraulic hoses and hung the pump on the frame. The M35 frame had to be shortened a bit so the dump bed could do it's...
  2. abh3

    MEP-701a No Start Condition, Stuck IP?

    Thanks for the info! I've got a good heatgun, should the heat be applied to the shaft area or around the IP barrel itself? I had looked at that thread and it seems like a great idea but my MEP along with the rest of my toys from hydraulic excavator to M35s, etc. are headed for new homes as I...
  3. abh3

    MEP-701a No Start Condition, Stuck IP?

    Went to exercise the MEP-701a yesterday and quickly realized it's been too long as it isn't getting fuel. I've not run it regularly because it's a pain to arrange batteries for 24v, I'm lazy, don't like pulling and replacing batteries in things and it's all my fault. I've searched but can't seem...
  4. abh3

    Will all diesel trucks run on Alt fuel and which alts

    '91 Cummins Dodge loves WMO well beyond the 50% blend. The '99 also runs fine with the FASS liftpump but fuel pressure falls off with thicker fuel viscosities that come with higher % WMO and that's scary with Mr. Bosch-crap $#*% VP44 IP!! I've also run pretty high % of ATF and hydraulic fluid in...
  5. abh3

    M915 Belt driven hydraulic pump?

    Tried a belt-driven hyd pump on an old cable type dozer years ago, it just didn't work consistently with the pressures/volumes I needed. You may be able to run a snow plow without a load on it with a belt-driven pump but I'd wager you'll be a lot happier with a PTO pump if you are planning on...
  6. abh3

    Going rate for MEP701A?

    That's not bad as I paid better than $300+ commission for a GL 'pig in a poke' 701a and then had to drive 100 miles to get it, found no battery, back cover, etc... It runs great though is pretty heavy for a 'portable' genset but I STILL don't have a battery as the local battery supply place...
  7. abh3

    Ripped off by Fast Track Logisitics.

    BKubu: Ever had a freight broker give you a REFUND after that weigh ticket has it less than the quoted weight? They are all pirates, deal with them as such...
  8. abh3

    Ripped off by Fast Track Logisitics.

    GLcaines, cpf240: DON'T assume a CC will automatically go for bat for you with charges for SERVICES, some will, some won't... My own dispute w Fast Track worked out well thanks to Visa but it took some 'splaining and faxing to get there! Fast Track pulled the same crap with me moving an...
  9. abh3

    M35a3 camper canversion

    Ain't nuthin like an RV or travel-trailer where some jackhole has been 'fixin' on the wiring!!!! aua
  10. abh3

    Cleaning fuel tanks

    Red Devil lye works wonders but is hard to find thanks to all these idiot dopers... Mix and pour in STEEL tanks, use a steam cleaner to blast around in the tank (be careful, non-OSHA procedure) and let sit overnight, drain & rinse. Muratic acid from the pool store will work too, just dilute it...
  11. abh3

    My axle fell off on the way home!

    Sure, many of us have hauled 12+ tons of dozer, hoe, etc on a gooseneck with a diesel pickup. You must have an F1 tag, my F2 is good for 42,000lbs and I only hope Dept Public Safety doesn't look too close at the truck data plate, LOL!! But still, that's serious hauling, it's probably a good...
  12. abh3

    My axle fell off on the way home!

    Be very glad that the Alabama Department of Public Safety didn't happen by, you know, those friendly guys and gals in the silver and blue Crown Vics and Chargers... Can't see what tag you have on that pickup but they can be pretty particular about tag weights, GMVR, etc., if they'll write a...
  13. abh3

    New Guy in 'bama

    Welcome aboard from South Alabama!
  14. abh3

    Cab roof rusted through holes

    I've got two from Eglin AFB (near the Gulf and a large bay) with the same problem. The tops are really bad above the doors and around the back along the same seam. Both these tops have squared corners/front above the windshield instead of the rounded corners, I've wondered if it isn't the maker...
  15. abh3

    Prohibition on active auction links

    In some cases it's a really silly rule... For instance, not long ago GL had a Boeing 747 for scrap up for auction, one that was probably used in the 'extraordinary rendition' (sp?) of terror suspects. I'd posted a link and made some comments about the possible links to that page of our...
  16. abh3

    hello from the sunshine state

    Welcome! I'm about 30 miles north of Crestview, right on top of the state line...
  17. abh3

    International H-542-11 in the woods

    Quick, save it from the scrappers!!
  18. abh3

    Air ride seats for my Deuce

    Without particular numbers you may want to look in single axle delivery type tractors or straight trucks where the driver is in and out all the time instead of OTR semis with huge Lazyboy styled seats! I used to run a GMC Astro cabover that had a smaller air-ride in it that'd fit great but it's...
  19. abh3

    AZ will not title HMMWVs as of today

    You really need to read the law they are interpreting. Alabama tried the same thing with military vehicles made after 1974 by applying a law written to keep golf carts, atvs, race-cars and everything else we crazy rednecks will try to run on the street off said streets... But the law...
  20. abh3

    Any pneumatic impact wrench recommendations?

    I've got the Ingersoll Rand 2141 3/4" and the corresponding 1/2" in a farm shop. It's not exactly all day, every day use but when we get busy it's tough work, they are quality tools that seem to have lasted so far, if a little expensive. I bought mine on Fleabay after watching listings for...
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