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  1. Adamlee

    trailer and shelter combos with bobbed deuces

    Hi there, folks. I thought I'd see what people were towing behind their bobbed deuces and/or bobbed 5-tons. I suppose that I'm mostly interested in knowing how well the ton-and-a-half 105 trailers do behind a bobbed deuce; or to compare to a 101 three-quarter ton. I like the idea of an XM-381...
  2. Adamlee

    M151A2 mutt build - gift for my son

    Military models - hobby stuff Thanks man....wish I had more time to finish it before I gave it away! I didn't get to do everything I wanted to but Carter was pretty happy with it. I'm working on a T-72 and BMP-2 right now, I'll get some pics soon. Adam
  3. Adamlee

    M151A2 mutt build - gift for my son

    1:35 Tamiya Mutt (M151A2) added pics FYI...a few more pics I took before handing over the model to my son.... Adam the mutt......
  4. Adamlee

    M151A2 mutt build - gift for my son

    It's been a while, but I am posting up a link to the album of pics that show the M151A2 I built for my son. He really enjoyed the mutt rides I took him on at Ski's place last year, so I made the mutt model as a "memento" of the event! It's a basic Tamiya 1:35 kit with no modifications. Easy...
  5. Adamlee

    did M809 series 5-tons make it to VN?

    This is a quick one, probably - did any PIP 5-tons - M or XM 809's etc - make it to Vietnam prior to the end of the conflict? I read something that didn't make sense- I always thought that only M39/G744 trucks were used then.
  6. Adamlee

    M60 gate guard in Newton NJ

    M60 gate guard in VA Maybe the tank was taken out for refurb as a NJNG lawn ornament - one can hope! Why don't you just drop into the offices of the folks who own the place, and ask if they know anything about it? They won't bite! I'm adding another M60 "gate guard"; this is a group shot of...
  7. Adamlee

    anyone with XL super singles on M39 series trucks?

    The title says it all. Wondering out loud if any Steel Soldiers have "super singled" their 5-ton M54's/M52's/M39 series multifuels with Michelin XL's and if so, post some pics! Thanks, folks. Adam
  8. Adamlee

    M52A2 Tractor - to - Cargo Done, Ready for Paint!

    5-ton tractor with deuce bed conversion I've been looking for your pics of your truck project - kept coming up with the Cummins trucks and I wanted to see a multifuel - thanks! I can add to my Christmas list now. Great project! Adam
  9. Adamlee

    M52 tractor chassis w/ M35A2C bed? anyone got pics?

    SS folk, anyone got pics of a dropside deuce bed swap on an M52A2 tractor chassis? thanks... Adam
  10. Adamlee

    1-10kw Prius mobile genset

    that's an interesting, yet not quite similar approach......I just like the "soundless" operation...guess I was thinking "quiet=good".....then again, I am one of those who wears headphones when I drive my deuce. again, YMMV!
  11. Adamlee

    1-10kw Prius mobile genset

    Well, definitely NOT military, but quite a novel way to power your house if you own a Prius already. And from personal experience - these critters are the quietest motors you'll never hear, when they actually are on! Praise be the Atkinson Cycle.... There's a...
  12. Adamlee

    can anyone tell what tank this is

    Tank? M26 Pershing Judging by the exhaust and mantlet, it looks like an M26 Pershing. I couldn't open the pic, it was truly tiny! If the exhaust was on the sidesi t would be an M46 or M47. Just what I interpret from the tiny pic... let us know if you don't buy - an M26 for sale is a rare...
  13. Adamlee

    Other State Defense Force guys using their deuces "for the cause"?

    SDF use of MV's I'm also in Blackhorse - Echo Company, 23rd Battalion.....Manassas Armory; although I just got TDY to a brand new company they are starting up in Annandale, A/23 (provisional).....we'll see! (FWIW, seven of us from Echo got deployed to Fort Pickett along with Blackhorse...
  14. Adamlee

    Other State Defense Force guys using their deuces "for the cause"?

    SDF's Patrick, we're still old-school BDU's in the tried & true woodland. The BIG news is that Virginia FINALLY got to change our name tapes from the famous "white prison inmate" ribbon look to actual, honest-to-god OD backing. Also, we FINALLY adopted subdued divisional insignia. I doubt...
  15. Adamlee

    Different 915 gun truck pic

    915 gun truck I was told it built up with either heavy gage steel or armor plate, maybe Hardox 400. It would be cool if an SS member here could ID this one, and possibly give some more info about it.
  16. Adamlee

    Different 915 gun truck pic

    A few pics of another M 915-based gun truck. I am told the sides are made of armor or heavy gage metal plate; not sure exactly. OIF, I think 2004-2005.
  17. Adamlee

    New M35 Vinyl Cab Covers Khaki

    cheap tan cab tops for M-series trucks XLNT deal, thanks for the hookup! better than ANY other vinyl late-model cab top price out there. Better jump on this one if you are a desert tan CARC fan! Adam
  18. Adamlee

    Looking for M54A2C dropside cargo pics - anyone?

    M54A2C w/w photos wanted for reference BTT Also, if you know of any other good links to 5-ton M/F cargo trucks including line haul RVN trucks, that would be helpful also. Specifically, I'm looking for M54A2C w/w pics for a model I am building, as well as for general future reference. Thanks...
  19. Adamlee

    Any M54A2's or M51A2's used as OIF guntrucks?

    5-ton m/f guntrucks Thanks, thought I'd ask Adam
  20. Adamlee

    Any M54A2's or M51A2's used as OIF guntrucks?

    Wondering if any vets or news observers have knowledge of old-style multifuel 5-tons being used as gun trucks in OIF? My German Tankograd "picture book" of OIF gun trucks shows hardened multifuel tractors and I think a 5-ton commo truck, but not built-up as true gun trucks - just 900 and 800...
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