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  1. abh3

    MEP-701a No Start Condition, Stuck IP?

    Went to exercise the MEP-701a yesterday and quickly realized it's been too long as it isn't getting fuel. I've not run it regularly because it's a pain to arrange batteries for 24v, I'm lazy, don't like pulling and replacing batteries in things and it's all my fault. I've searched but can't seem...
  2. abh3

    Deuce Telecon Model 20 Auger body

    Anyone familiar w/ the Telecon Model 20 auger body as fitted to some Deuces for powerline work? They look to be full hydraulic units, any idea how the hydraulic pump is driven, pump specs, etc? Thanks
  3. abh3

    M674 Lowboy?

    I've logged in and searched, searched online, etc and can't find much about any M674 low bed or lowboy trailer. Seller claims 9'8" wide, 28' loadable and 49 tons (a LOT for a two axle in my experience), I'm needing another lowboy to move my JD CLC200 excavator (50k lbs), dozer, etc. since I...
  4. abh3

    MEP806a Questions

    First of all let me make it clear used the search function but couldn't find anything on 'MEP806a', 'MEP-806a' or 'MEP 806a', go figure... Is this unit a 12 wire that can be reconfigured to 240 single phase for residential/ farm use? Any pitfalls or weak links in these? Thanks for any info.
  5. abh3

    MEP 701A Cycles, Parts?

    Started the latest acquisition, an MEP 701A from the Alabama Guard. Fired right up after realizing it's 24v :oops:, makes power at the convenience outlets to run a florescent shop light but the cycles are off the scale to the right, 65+, and kinda bouncing around which is odd compared to my 40kw...
  6. abh3

    Tractor Wheeled Aircraft A/S32A-30A engine

    GL says these are 'Perkins' diesels, anyone know which model engine these are? What kind of trans? Thanks...
  7. abh3

    Fun's Over in Bama, State Requires EPA/DOT Certificates of Conforminty

    Imagine my surprise when I try to title and register my A3 to get all good and legal: I have a valid FL title (where my GL billing address was) but am now told that the head of titles at Al Dept of Rev has decided ex military (and postal) vehicles MUST have EPA and DOT Certificates of Conformity...
  8. abh3

    Power Steering Possibility?

    I was browsing through the Surplus Center catalog (yeah, I know, I need to get a life!) and found a 'steering valve/torque generator' that might splice into the steering column shaft: This would avoid...
  9. abh3

    Quick on off hardtop ideas?

    It's nice weather and I'd like to set up a hardtop to be a little easier on and off for fair weather cruising, use a pulley system from the shop ceiling to snatch it off in a few moments, quicker than removing a soft top I'd hope. Yeah, I know, leave it topless but around here barn dust, birds...
  10. abh3

    A3, How Sweet It Is. Year?

    Brought the M35A3C home yesterday from Ft. Rucker, lots of $$ but people spend more on Kawasaki Mules... Had to replace the batteries but what a nice ride, the Cat, Allison and Air-o-Matic are niiiiice, haven't gone off roading so we don't know about the CIS, singles and hydraulic winch yet! (I...
  11. abh3

    A3 Recovery Questions

    Just lost my mind this afternoon and bought an A3... Are there any special concerns w/ recovering these? Is the Allison auto (545?) 'normal' in the sense that it can be winched onto the lowboy, rolled off, etc while in the usual neutral, at rest and not running postion? Can you air up the...
  12. abh3

    Fuel issue...

    Experienced a no-start Friday with what had been a running truck, just no fuel to injectors. Fuel is getting to the IP, taking the plug out of the top of the IP head and running elec. pump makes plenty. There is not much at the injectors when cranking and without much pressure, certainly not...
  13. abh3

    M1001 Info

    What's the skinny on the M1001? Another thread indicates parts are a problem, are they that different from the civillian MAN 30-402 or 502 8x8 trucks? There are truck breakers all over Europe, just like here, freight would be rough but, hey, sometimes it's expensive to march to your own...
  14. abh3

    Selling M880 No Reserve

    My M880 has sat for too long, time to find it a new home after 15-16 years of ownership. She needs some work or would be a great parts machine...
  15. abh3

    5 Ton Winch on Deuce?

    Blew up my Duece winch today (see stock Duece posts) and am dissatisfied... :D YES, if the right shear pin had been in it never would've broken BUT it never would've pulled me out either! It seems the stock M35 winches are on the fragile side (aluminum case, brass gear) requiring the soft...
  16. abh3

    Winch Fragged

    Bad winch experience today, got the dump stuck and was single handed, dozer wouldn't pull it out alone sooooo I hooked the winch up to the dozer... It pulled the dozer (Komatsu D31P, not a big one) down the hill and then, just as it began to move, BANG!!! Took a look, :shock: , $#%^%&@@#, but...
  17. abh3

    Bought home a pretty rough M543A2 today...

    FOR SALE! Too much for me right now, email benton@abh3.$com (remove $) Drug in my M543A2 and now I know why it was cheap! :shock: But, of course, I didn't go look before bidding, too busy and GL is always pizzy about getting on base to look, etc... I have a coupla questions that will make the...
  18. abh3

    Does IP need fuel supply pressure?

    Brought home my latest refugee from Eglin AFB, they're nearing the bottom of the barrel there, this one's rusty as heck , even the top of the fuel tank is rusted out from sitting next to the bay, and weird as it is made by 'Lansing'. But it has a winch and what looks to be a good engine, only I...
  19. abh3

    What the heck is this on GSA auction?

    On GSA auction , described as 'Unimog' but doesn't look like any Unimog I'VE ever seen, though I've only seen about a dozen ever :D The sale ends today so jump in there and bid! If it were close I'd buy it just out of curiosity...
  20. abh3

    Cracked Cab

    I searched but couldn't find anything about this, maybe I just missed it... Anyway, brought home a '67 Duece from GL with a big crack at the diagonal brace plate thingy at the rear bottom of the driver's door opening, the door won't latch and there's a crack at the corner of the door opening...
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