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  1. Mad Texan

    Another M1010 owner

    Was a little busy last week with prepping for a USAC National quarter midget event. Three days, 311 cars, lots of laps, some accidents that everyone walked away from, but great memories for lots of kids. Did get some work done on wiring harnesses and finally have some working lights. But the one...
  2. Mad Texan

    Replacement Fuel Tank

    FG05K - Drivers FG05L - Passengers As per web site... under classic parts.
  3. Mad Texan

    Spring 2021 Rausch Creek Rally

    Thinking about it but might be last minute...
  4. Mad Texan

    Another M1010 owner

    I should get cross slide vice for this stuff. For some reason I wanted the tag reinstalled. 🙄I installed both of the coolers on the transmission. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🥓🥓🥃🥃 #m1010 #cucv
  5. Mad Texan

    Another M1010 owner

    A little behind the times here... Been working through cleaning this beast up. Strangely therapeutic... :unsure: Fluid came out nice and clean and no metal inside. New ARP bolts for the tail shaft housing to get rid of the 10mm 12 point ones. Still need to get the coolers on! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🥓🥓🥃🥃 #m1010...
  6. Mad Texan

    Another M1010 owner

    The purest will be unhappy but I prefer the functionality and lack of rattling. A 10-24 button head, a nylon washer, and a nylock nut. I had to drill out the frame on the window portion but everything is snug now! Installed the new handle to the old glass. Everything pulls tight on the seals! 😎...
  7. Mad Texan

    Replacement Fuel Tank

    I bought my tanks and senders from Advance Auto, the senders a Spectra and I think Dorman makes the tanks. The tanks were coated inside and out and seemed as good a quality as I took out. You can use a 25% off code (RMNAAP25) and get them for $75 each shipped.
  8. Mad Texan

    Terminus M1009

    I've been meaning to ask you about them. Thanks for the link!
  9. Mad Texan

    CUCV Transmission issue

    I found the tool on EBay for less than $20 so I added it to my tool box
  10. Mad Texan

    Vehicle lift and tires

    You will find more information on this subject matter in here: Hot Rodding and Modification
  11. Mad Texan

    Another M1010 owner

    The vent windows are in... with a little challenge. I set the glass in the new frame (twice) with the setting tape as per the directions and let it sit for a couple days before setting the tension for the window to open. It pulled apart once installed, wouldn’t close correctly due to now rubbing...
  12. Mad Texan

    Another M1010 owner

    Progress on the vent windows with all parts from Precision Replacement Parts. Tools of the trade while installing new seals.
  13. Mad Texan

    Another M1010 owner

    Got the starter in. Old mounts compared to a new stock one. Rubber is dry rotted and cracked but in tact. Not the worst I’ve seen but definitely sagging compared to a new one. Maybe a little more vibration at idle with the DIY4X ones but the truck seemed smoother and quieter at speed. I’ll have...
  14. Mad Texan

    6.5 Turbo Exhaust

    Here is a video that shows one inside the frame rail. He used a Diamond Eye kit. He was supposed to make a video how he modified the pipe to fit but I don't think he ever did...
  15. Mad Texan

    Texas to Alaska ... what to take?

    Kind of up from the dead... but I hope to do the Alcan in my smaller albeit MV sometime in the near future.
  16. Mad Texan

    Another M1010 owner

    During the warm sunny days this week I decided to check something else off the list! I scrubbed down the roof real well last week and grabbed a can of Henry 887 silicon. I was able to get two coats out of it. Roof is sealed, reflects heat, and sounds less tinny! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🥓🥓🥃🥃 #m1010
  17. Mad Texan

    Another M1010 owner

    The loom on the firewall was feed it through. I like the look of it but it isn't always practical. I did use one section that looks the same but is split under the truck but it's for 1 1/2" diameter. Most of the rest I've used is split loom. As for the mounts, the holes for the bolt were 1/4"...
  18. Mad Texan

    M1009 Little Red Riding Hood.

    But of course highs around 50 for the weekend...
  19. Mad Texan

    Another M1010 owner

    Some more parts coming in! DIY4X motor mounts and Energy Suspension transmission mount. I believe the parts list for that project is becoming complete! 👍 Come on warmer weather! I started with the drivers side and got it done on the first evening and started on the other side. I found out I...
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