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  1. m139h2otruck

    1.5 kw Gen Set

    Got the 1.5 kw gen set back together last Sunday and it seems to work fine. The engine has been severely mistreated, but it runs and starts OK. Found a 3/8" nut and a brass pipe to flare adapter in the crankcase when I took the gov. out to regasket it! Vibrates more than I like, but someone...
  2. m139h2otruck

    1.5 kw Gen Set

    Yes, the wiring is shown on the inside cover, and this is partly how, along with Ace's famous manuals, I found that the on/off switch was wrong. Need to also check the other units under the cover, that have to do with the cycles.
  3. m139h2otruck

    1.5 kw Gen Set

    Anyone have any experience with the 1.5 kw AC sets? Got the new unit, a little beat, but it did run but no power on any of the terminals. The VR is OK, as I switched it out with the DC unit and it worked fine. Someone installed a single pole switch on the terminal on/off switch and wired all...
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