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  1. Milkman357

    New Home, awaiting EUC to clear

    I don't have a pickup, so this makes sense. I have a M101 trailer that will look great behind this. I was gonna flat tow this, but a friend has a trailer for me to use. Where the heck is Randall Minnesota? Google google google
  2. Milkman357

    Glow Plug Controller

    OK My WAIT light stays on even if the engine is at full temp.. SO I'm looking to replace the Glow Plug Controller.. The one on the M-1009 has two wires going to it.. The extra glow plug controller I have I think comes from a HMMMV 6.2L.. Is My Glow plug controller an older model.. The wires...
  3. Milkman357

    Stock Fuel filter question.. (Sensor Seal?)

    Ok, I got this sweet old girl from Wisconsin Recently... M-1009.. 41,000... I'm not sure she had the best mechanic.. SHE'S in good hands now! With the help of this site I already fixed the vacuum leak that was causing shifting problems.. Now I'm tracking the fuel leak... It's coming...
  4. Milkman357

    Front Wheel drive M-1009

    I had the rear drive shaft yoke failure. The replacement driveshaft must have been out of balance, but I wanted to check. So I took a grinder to the old yoke that failed... and got it as close to round as I could in 15 minutes of grinding. I inserted the yoke into the transfer case and...
  5. Milkman357

    How far in, Front yoke-rear driveshaft

    I had a front Yoke fail on my rear driveshaft. It took out the transfer care housing... I got everything back together... but I was wondering how far should the front yoke, on the rear driveshaft, slide into the transfer case, on my M-1009? It seems to be a little over 50 percent in... The...
  6. Milkman357

    Shuddering above 25 mph...

    Ok My M-1009 has a shudder... I took into the transmission shop, because I thought it was my second gear in the transmission.. but he says he thinks it engine related. Researching this sight, I need to start off changing the harmonic balancer.. It's not the tires, they are ok, That was...
  7. Milkman357

    24v trailer recepticle problem

    I'm only getting 12v at the "Trailer Interconectivity Portal"..on my M-1009 So My M101A3 trailer isn't "BEING ALL IT CAN BE" The tail lights still work, but the 24v side marker (yellow) lights are very dim.. Anybody know how 24v is supplied to the pigtail assembly? Is there one wire that is...
  8. Milkman357

    Glow Plug Removal tool in Des Moines, IA

    I'm gonna change out my glow plugs... Anybody in Iowa have a glow plug tool to loan out? I'm not sure if mine are swollen or not.. just getting things lined up.
  9. Milkman357

    Online Maps of Black Hills National Forests?

    I'm starting to research/plan next years family vacation to South Dakota. I'm gonna use my M-1009 to explore Black Hills National Forest... I've been reading about altitude and Air filters... I'm not looking for a race, just to get the kids out to enjoy nature, so I'm sure it will work fine...
  10. Milkman357

    non collapsable hose suggestion?

    My WMO pump works great until the suction hose collapses... Any suggestions? There is a hose used in firefighting.... but I'm looking for something to buy locally....
  11. Milkman357

    M-1008 passed me Tuesday night.. on a trailer... Going thru Des Moines.

    I was cruising along with traffic, in a nice steady rain, when much to my surprise a Pick up pulling a trailer passed me, carrying a M-1008..... going west bound on I-80. This was around 2230...local time, Tuesday night, June 1st... He was making good time. The M-1008 looked like it had...
  12. Milkman357

    Camp Dodge..

    I'm just venting! Ok Tuesday early evening I see I have my EUC approved. I take down the number, from the GL website, that says I need to call to schedule and appointment to pick up. Wednesday morning I try calling every 30 minutes, until 9am... ZIP.. So I email Info@GL.... Wednesday after...
  13. Milkman357

    Blitz jerry can holder to small!

    Just warning you.. the Jerry can holders Northern Tool sells are to small! Saturn Surplus has NOS gas can holders $46 + shipping... YIKES! How do you hold your fuel cans?
  14. Milkman357

    STE/ICE-R M-1009 vehicle ID for running test?

    I havn't been able to track down the manual for a CUCV and the STE/ICE-R testing kit. I have my kit but I need the Vehicle ID to to start the testing sequence.. example.... If I had a M48 I would enter 18... that would tell the STE/ICE-R what vehicle I'm testing... If we had designed it, all...
  15. Milkman357

    Coloring a tan tarp OD or camo..?

    I got a tan tarp on my 101A2..... can I get it dyed Olive drab or camo... or am i gonna have to replace it?
  16. Milkman357

    TM-9-4910-571-12&P needed for STE/ICE-R

    I'm looking for this tech manual TM-9-4910-571-12&P I think I found it on an ARMY website but it was restricted info...? Some download I got online, about the STE/ICE-R set, refers to the TM I got one From Ebay.... (haven't received it yet) If your in Central Iowa and need one, I travel...
  17. Milkman357

    Chasing turn signal/brake light problem...

    Ok I'm putting this thing back together after I rolled her in January... Lights worked before rolling.... When it rolled a few light bulbs were smashed. Now I have no left rear turn signal or brake light. It aint the bulbs... Or Flasher.. Front left turn signal flashes normally... Right...
  18. Milkman357

    Ugh i rolled her!

    DANG was I mad! I work graveyard shift.... Iowa DOT pulled there plows Wednesday night since it was to bad out... Black Ice, on bridge... on Interstate 80 in Des Moines Area.... PS If you find my windshield I don't want it back! Ha ha No injuries... just some bruises. My pride took a big...
  19. Milkman357

    GL 6.2L Engine from Missouri....(ID?)

    Its was too dark by the time I had a chance to take engine container apart...but I will post pics! What should I take pics of to ID what I have? I did see a tag that said engine was from 1990.... Red tag on container said "Engine Knocks" I have $177.75 in it from auction + $75 in E-85 to...
  20. Milkman357

    Jefferson City 6.2l engine - WON! anybody want ahaul it for $100?

    Well I won and 6.2L engine from Jefferson City..... Anybody wanta haul it? Maybe your gonna be there anyway? I do have tow bar available if you need to tow home you CUCV... Maybe you bought something else, room in the back? If I drive down I will have room in trailer for another engine...
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