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  1. moose97

    Dumb MRAP question

    Okay - it's over. There's at least one out there in the wild... $160k
  2. moose97

    Dumb MRAP question

    [cough] ebay motors [cough] search MRAP [cough] ****!!! I suddenly wish I had some (okay, LOTS) of cash! [cough] worth it if I get the ban-hammer
  3. moose97

    HASSON1911's M923A2 Acquisition and Restoration Thread

    Nice truck!:drool:
  4. moose97

    MICHIGAN MV Events for 2013

    Subscribing - I hope to be relocated to Traverse City in mid to late June...
  5. moose97

    My new M123 10-ton

    :drool: I'll take one of each... Still don't have it home yet? I'm supposed to be over your way next weekend (4/13), but with Spring not co-operating, I doubt the baseball game I'm supposed to go announce will happen. They will reschedule it, likely in May.
  6. moose97

    ...towing a tank?

    That was pretty much my point. Also, I'm a firm believer in the quote, "you can't get a ticket for having too much license." I, meanwhile, have a Class B with air brakes and take the road test in just over 3 weeks for my Class A. Once I pass that, there won't be anything on the road that I...
  7. moose97

    ...towing a tank?

    And that's fine. Minnesota doesn't - no idea on SC for the OP. Going by advice from a weight cop on driving an over weight vehicle because it's not being used commercially (especially if non-CDL licenses for over weight ranges aren't available) is just asking for trouble. Federal regulations...
  8. moose97

    ...towing a tank?

    If ever in a serious accident, I'd love to see this hold up in court...
  9. moose97

    ...towing a tank? Well, let's see... 14 ton tank = 28,000 lbs alone. No matter what your F-350 weighs, let alone what your goose neck weighs, you're going to be over CDL weight. Get to work on that Class A. And I agree that you need more truck...
  10. moose97

    dodge truck spotted

    Not really necessary to start your own thread when there is a "MV spotted" thread" And - not a WWII truck - M37's are under the Korean to Vietnam section...
  11. moose97

    Finally got her home.

    No rush on pics or measurements Gabby - I'm not to that point of my restoration (click on the link to my blog in my signature to see what I'm working on). I'll be keeping tabs on what you decide. Yeah, I see what you mean on weakening the sides by removing the benches. I'm still exploring...
  12. moose97

    Finally got her home.

    Thanks Gabby!
  13. moose97

    Finally got her home.

    Personally, I like the bed - if only because I'm working on a farm truck ('49 International KB-6) that it would look good on - minus the benches... Any chance you could get me some detailed specs and pics? I.e. what type lumber was used? Thanks!
  14. moose97

    International K-8 trucks

    Nothing new on the MV part of my restoration, but how 'bout a smokin deal on 9.00x20 tires? $5 a piece doing okay? Old bus tires make me happy (click on my blog link in the sig)...
  15. moose97

    WWII Internationals

    Great thread - lots of good info as I just started looking into M-5H-6's. I think that's going on my "want" list for sure...
  16. moose97

    International K-8 trucks

    Thanks for all the responses guys! Looking forward to any photos or info you can dig up...
  17. moose97

    Michigan 5-Ton Recovery Tomorrow

    Ahh, man! I was looking at that truck a few months ago but just couldn't get the $$$ together... Enjoy it, and yeah, I'll be looking forward to seeing recovery pics. Congrats!
  18. moose97

    Not sure if I need a CDL in Florida or not?

    Why do people think that your insurance would go up from having a CDL? Think about this logically for a second... You have MORE TRAINING than non commercial drivers, are subject to tighter regulations, and have to pass the physical to drive a commercial vehicle out of state. If anything, a CDL...
  19. moose97


    I'd love to see some pics of your new truck. I don't think I could afford it (or repair it myself), at least right now... How much were you looking for? I'm about 2 hours from you in Bemidji.
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