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  1. Warren Lovell

    D-DAY: Sharing a container to France R/T?

    I am in the planning stages of shipping my 1942 Ford over to France for an end of may arrival for the 75th anniversary of D-Day. Going to stay two weeks and then ship it back to the west coast. I was wondering if anyone else is going to Normandy with their jeep. If so and you are leaving from...
  2. Warren Lovell

    SOFTSEAL windshield weatherstrip?

    Anyone use the Softseal brand of windshield weather-strip? I contacted the company and they have the seal, but they said there is no locking strip. I was under the impression that the stock seals had a locking strip. Anyone have any good sources for the windshield weather-strip? WAR
  3. Warren Lovell

    New Windshield glass sources?

    Question: Anyone buy a new windshield recently? Looking for a good vendor. I tried locally, but am getting Safelite, AAA autoglass...all installers - and I want to do this myself. LMC - $254 ($129 + $125 freight) Brothers - $249 ($139 + $110 shipping)
  4. Warren Lovell

    Windshield seal question

    In removing the windshield and seal, i found black rtv all around the pinchweld. Is this factory rtv? In watching windshield install videos- I havent seen anyone use rtv. Any thoughts anyone?
  5. Warren Lovell

    Coolant level sensor part #?

    Anyone have the part number for the coolant level sensor mounted on back of radiator? And is it necessary? I always check my fluids... Warren
  6. Warren Lovell

    What is this for behind passenger seat?

    Wondering what the pocket in the floor behind passenger seat is for?
  7. Warren Lovell

    NOS Seatbelts for M1009?

    Anyone have a source for the front left and right seatbelts?
  8. Warren Lovell

    Looking for source of new emissions decal on radiator support

    Anyone know where I can get this decal? Also looking for new GEN 1 and GEN 2 red plastic pieces. Thanks for the help :) Warren
  9. Warren Lovell

    Lmc junk

    Just wanted to vent a bit. Ordered headlight buckets and adjusters from LMC. My suggestion is - DON’T DO IT. Just sandbast your orginals or find oem / nos replacements. The paint on these mfg in Taiwan crap scraps off and has no primer! The adjusters do not stay in like the oem ones when you...
  10. Warren Lovell

    Anyone paint their aluminum radiator?

    Just received a new aluminum KKS radiator. Very happy with the look and construction. Stamped aluminum tanks vs plastic. I will post photos. Now, anyone paint their radiators black? I heard Eastwood has a radiator paint. Just wondering what you folks are using or installing them bare. Thanks for...
  11. Warren Lovell

    LMC Door hinges ary good?

    Has anyone used the door hinges sold by LMC truck? Wondered if they are any good... Or any source for NOS??? warren
  12. Warren Lovell

    Harbor Freight Purple HVLP mod

    Cheaply fix the common probs
  13. Warren Lovell

    Difference between 1984 M1009 and 1985 Blazer front floor

    Any floor change difference? Was going to order a carpet kit and The supplier has different listings for the two years. I know that the M1009 is an 84 for all years it was produced. Just wonder what changed on the civilian model.
  14. Warren Lovell

    New side glass for top?

    Anyone have a good endor for the side glass to the removable top? Found sliders, but no solid glass. Thanks...
  15. Warren Lovell

    Black exterior door handles source

    To those that are looking for black outside door handles, I just found some on ebay... LatchWell Black Outside Door Handle PAIR / FOR 73-87 CHEVROLET & GMC TRUCKS. Price was $79.99 /pair with gaskets. Seller is Parts-pros. SKU: 4000064 Part Brand: LatchWell Features a Beautiful Semi-Gloss...
  16. Warren Lovell

    Performance Radiators

    For those of you that need a source for a metal tank radiator... I just ordered a radiator from ebay. It is advertised as a Performance Radiator (with a cactus logo). The seller was JC Whitney, who I have purchased from before and never had any issues with. The radiator was $359.00 plus Ca sales...
  17. Warren Lovell

    Fan radiator shroud source?

    Anyone have a source for a new radiator shroud for a M1009? Mine is cracked and missing pieces on bottom. Thank you for any input!
  18. Warren Lovell

    No start after parking on incline... ideas.

    When I park on a hill or driveway nose high and the truck sits for a few hours - it has a difficult time starting. Just cranks away. Only when i put it on level ground does she start. Anyone care to venture what the issue might be. Warren
  19. Warren Lovell

    Cdl medical update

    FYI Commercial Driver Handbook, Department of Motor Vehicles California, Effective January 30, 2015, Commercial Drivers no longer need to carry your medical examiners certificate for more than 15 days after the date it was issued (by the medical examiner) as valid proof of medical certification...
  20. Warren Lovell

    24 bolt HMMWV pilot washers

    Quick the 24 bolt humvee wheels need the pilot washers when bolting the halves together? My rims did not have them and when I put them back together there is lateral play. if so, do I need 24 of them? Thanks guys warren
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