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  1. fusn

    engine oiling problems

    cam bearings
  2. fusn

    Tank salvage yard in Iraq.

    taji has loads of armor regret not having a camera
  3. fusn

    MEP-003A gen set

    these injectors have yanmar on them . one out of three popped the others are plugged gonna to try to ultrasound them for a wile but new nozzles will probably be the answer.
  4. fusn

    MEP-003A gen set

    thank you is the 003a number good enough or is there a onan engine number i should have when i call them ?
  5. fusn

    MEP-003A gen set

    can any one sugest a source for inj. nozzles for the onan diesel in the mep-003a?
  6. fusn

    Military Wrecker Bed ID

    any idea if anything of this bed is still available?
  7. fusn

    m543a2 boom hoist

    thanks for your replies will follow up on leeds
  8. fusn

    m543a2 boom hoist

    looking for a rt side boom hoist cylinder any info greatly appreciated
  9. fusn

    M36, M36A2 Bed.

    m36 dropside bed 1500. pm me
  10. fusn

    Wrecker tow lights

    i have a set that looks to strap around the rear bumps when i get back to the shop next week i will take a pic or two. these are oem look to be unused
  11. fusn

    wiring diagrams

    looking for info on starter wiring have a n/a multifuel with all the smaller wires cut off it can anyone point me in the direction of finding a diagram thank you all
  12. fusn

    deuce front axle

    anyone parting a front axle need some parts ? spindle , short axle , ect thanks a bunch in advance
  13. fusn

    gamma goat tailgate

    any one have a idea what a new in the crate tailgate for a goat is worth?
  14. fusn

    MVs headed to scrap, anyone need any parts?

    yea a shame i was by there onfriday not a lot left the original owner of the stuf died a few months ago and his son is turning it to quick cash scrap. the yard is just down the road from my shop. he also has a large warehouse with a bunch of green stuff in it. i saw a bunch of windshield...
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