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  1. waayfast

    Cab install, no crane/lift

    LOL! Got this in the wrong thread ! Moderators please delete!
  2. waayfast

    Cab install, no crane/lift

    Well, finally got some extra time so I will brag (opps, I mean campaign) about my entry, the Ward LaFrance M1A1. Years ago I drove past this truck while hauling logs into Oregon on a daily basis. Really did not know what is was since I was pretty green in the MV hobby back then, but assumed it...
  3. waayfast

    Cab install, no crane/lift

    If it were me , I would look into sheets of plywood laid down on the sand to wheel a HF gantry crane around. Or maybe some channel iron laid down for "tracks" for the crane to roll on? After this first project, you will have the gantry crane for projects yet to come.....
  4. waayfast

    MV of the Month - March 2021

    That was a Guiberson 9 cylinder Diesel radial engine. Near as I could tell it was new old stock, sitting on the base of what was the original shipping crate. Still had remnants of cosmoline smeared here and there. We used the Ward to load the engine in Matt Levy's truck for the ride home. Matt...
  5. waayfast

    MV of the Month - March 2021

    Well, shoot here goes nuthin-------- 1945 Ward LaFrance model 1000, series 5, M1A1 Heavy Wrecker
  6. waayfast


    As far as parts like bearing etc. , I'm thinking we would just have to dig in and get our numbers right off the bearing in question. Then do the search for a match up. There is a fellow in England that deals with and sells parts from the Ward LaFrance wreckers. Goes by "too tall Mike " as I...
  7. waayfast

    1953 Gasser dash panel question-What did they look like?

    My gasser is a 1957 Utica Bend. Lights converted to 12 volt but guessing the lay out is the same. Now if I can just find the pics --------------------
  8. waayfast


    Hello! Welcome to the madness from Salmon River Country! Very cool set-up there. I have a 1945 Ward LaFrance M1A1 Heavy Wrecker equipped with that style crane and it is proving to be pretty handy. Just so you know, that Garwood crane has it's own manual. TM 9-1796. "ordnance...
  9. waayfast

    Deer in the Road

    Four legged fur flack= deer Four legged fur flack 88mm= Elk
  10. waayfast you like low flying aircraft?....then here ya go!

    Sometimes when we get new folks on here, I type "Welcome from Salmon River Country!" And now by this video ya'll get to see what that is. Ah, yes my backyard. Excellent video. Sure makes me wish I was still flying for sure, but I don't think I would like to contend with the traffic out there...
  11. waayfast

    spicer 3053a transmission questions.

    This gasser owner is also curious about the transmission swap. But I'll up the annie and ask if anyone knows if an air shift transfer case can be installed behind the OA- 331 ??
  12. waayfast

    New guy from Nevada

    Welcome to the site from Salmon River Country!. I saw you are in Vegas- I grew up there (partially, LOL!!)
  13. waayfast

    Harbor Freight Safety Recall

    THANKS for posting! Yep got these. Holding up a truck right now. Thankfully I got wood blocks as well for backup!!
  14. waayfast

    New guy from Idaho county Idaho

    Hey neighbor!! Welcome to the site from the south side of the big river! Was just up your way to pick up goodies from I.M. Machine last Friday. Laid off for now but I haul logs into Idaho Forest Group mill ( when the snow goes away, LOL)
  15. waayfast

    1952 Studebaker M35

    You probly already know this but you may want to use a clean (new?) 5 gallon can with fresh GAS to feed the carby from the get go. Eliminates the possibility of sucking bad /contaminated fuel from the gas tank that sounds like it has been sitting for a while. Old fermented corn syrup (my pet...
  16. waayfast

    1952 Studebaker M35

    That looks like a very well preserved truck. NICE. I'm guessing by the lack of "modern, vertical exhaust" it must have the 331 gasser engine? Enjoy!!
  17. waayfast

    Is it safer to wear seatbelts, or not?

    A co-workers son-in -law once told him "I don't wear no seatbelt, if I get in a wreck I'll just put it on then" ---- seriously! I was about the first log truck driver in Central Idaho to wear a seat belt. Old school opinion was (is?) " if you slide off the haul road and lose the truck...
  18. waayfast

    CCKW Wheels on a G-221, M1 trailer

    The glacier has finally receded around here so I was able to get some numbers for you. The M-35 wheel and tire I measured shows : from the bolt face to the outside of rim --10 and 5/8 inch From bolt face to the edge of inflated tire--- 11 and 1/4 inch Measuring a CCKW/ G-506 wheel---8 and...
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