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  1. moose97

    International K-8 trucks

    I was looking over at Olive Drab at some of the trucks used in early WWII and noticed the International K-8 cargo truck. Does anyone have any more info on military IHC K-series trucks (the description says the K-8 was "one of many...International...trucks.")? I have a '49 KBS-6 (2 and a half...
  2. moose97

    M123 and M125 10-tons

    Can someone direct me to info on these beasts? I've only seen one M123 for sale (in my limited time here) - are they pretty rare? Value? Oshkosh has some of the newer heavy trucks (8, 14, 20 and 22.5 ton tractors), but none of the older ones, which look way better than the new. I'd love to learn...
  3. moose97

    Class A CDL help in MN

    Hey, I'm looking to upgrade my licence from a Class B CDL to a Class A and looking for help. I got my B through the local school district training me to be a bus driver, and now would like to get the A. I know I need to pass the written tests first, get my permit, then start training. This is...
  4. moose97

    West Fargo, ND to Bemidji, MN (flatbed?)

    Non-MV related, but is there anyone who would be able to give me a quote on transporting a 1949 International KBS-6 (1.5 ton) truck from West Fargo, ND to Bemidji, MN? Truck has a curb weight of ~ 8-10,000 lbs, is 24 ft. long, has a wheelbase of 15 ft., is 7 ft tall and 8 ft wide. It has a large...
  5. moose97

    M37 "creating" legroom

    I'd really like to get a M37, but when I sat in one for the first time earlier this week, I had a terrible time operating the clutch pedal. I should note that I'm 6'7"... I could get my toe on the pedal, but sliding my foot up to press it was quite a chore because my knee was hitting the...
  6. moose97

    Looking into getting a Mutt

    I got to sit behind the wheel of a Mutt today, and hey - I fit! I'm 6'7" and have been looking for a MV that will fit in my garage and that I'll fit in. While I'd love a Deuce or 5-ton, those will have to wait for a while, so I was thrilled to find the M151. So, advice?!?! I'd love something...
  7. moose97

    Bong Vets Center MV Show - Superior, WI - 8/18/12

    I just found this show and was thinking of running over. Anyone here go last year? Plan on going this year? Military Vehicle Show 2012 - Richard I. Bong Veterans Historical Center
  8. moose97

    G506 questions

    There's a G506 dumper about 4 hours from me that I'd be interested in picking up if I could get some answers. I haven't been able to look at it in person yet, but have been told that some of the metal is rough with some rust and dents. It is missing the hood and side shields. It doesn't run...
  9. moose97

    Anyone near LaCrosse, WI?

    Wondering if someone was close to LaCrosse, WI that could look at a truck for me. I'm ~ 6 hours NW of that location. Please PM if available - Thanks!
  10. moose97

    North Dakota MVCA

    Anyone going to the NDMVCA show at the Fargo Air Museum July 21-22? That's only 2 hours form me, so I'd like to go and check things out and meet some locals that are into this hobby... North Dakota Military Vehicle Collectors Association
  11. moose97

    Hello from northern Minnesota

    Hi. My wife works at the local VA Clinic as a LPN, and she chats with one of the guys there who's a gear-head and former Marine. Anyway, she suggested that I "get a hobby," and hang out with Billy to get myself a truck to fix up. Billy and I started chatting and I've always wanted a military...
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