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  1. Superhondaz50

    Rod Hall suspension

    Wondering if anyone here has some detailed pics of the Rod Hall suspension setup? Measurements would also be great. I need more suspension compliance when going over washboard here in the desert. Currently the M1038 suspension is unbearable and feels like the truck is going to rattle itself to...
  2. Superhondaz50

    Help, 4 man Red Dot AC capacities

    Can anyone confirm the refrigerant and oil capacity on the RedDot R-2400-0 unit for a 4 man HMMWV? The evap says 4lbs of 134a, the TM says 4.8 max of 5.2. Oil capacity on the evap says 277cc, the compressor says 270cc. I don't know if either number is for the WHOLE system. Any help is...
  3. Superhondaz50

    DIY, "DON'T BUY A" Cheap eB*y AC in a HMMWV

    Please read the thread. The China parts are terrible. Now that my turbo is done, I've turned my attention to the AC since driving this truck in 120* heat sucks. Bought an AC kit on eBay for $800 to my door. It included a genuine RedDot evap unit, and Chinese compressor, condensor, lines...
  4. Superhondaz50

    Boredom project, LB7 dirtymax turbo on a 6.2

    Hey all, figured I'd post up my boredom project. The goal was to use cheap parts, and do zero permanent mods to the M1038. Just upfront, I have Chinese welder and can't weld so no hating on the welds, everything else is fair game. Got a $50 LB7 dirtymax turbo, a box of pipe and some Chinese add...
  5. Superhondaz50

    Need help from a govplanet employee...

    This is for my ex police impala. I received my SF97 from Texas, got the paperwork started at CA dmv, but they need an odometer disclosure to finish registration. Anyone here know anyone at govplanet that can help with this? I'm waiting to hear back from govplanet but figured asking here too...
  6. Superhondaz50

    Barstow Pickup, help/advice, Google maps sucks

    Picking up a cop car, plan is for Monday. The address they have given me is different than where I got my HMMWV. 33304 National Trails Highway, lot 357A, Barstow CA 92311. Google maps puts it in the middle of the desert. I only live about 30mins away, but don't wanna be driving around Barstow...
  7. Superhondaz50

    Are the blinkers supposed to work with the headlights on?

    So the blinkers on my HMMWV work when the headlights are off in "Stoplight" but when switched to "Service Drive" the blinkers don't work. Is this normal? Thanks
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