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  1. hatzie

    92 M998 6.2 hard to start

    On the civilian 6.2 the HPCA is engaged by 12v connections on the injection pump til the engine is over the set temp of the thermal switch. It restricts fuel return to raise the housing pressure to give @3 degrees of advance. There's a glow inhibit thermal switch as well. Theory of operation...
  2. hatzie

    Auto transmission cooler theory

    Good points. I was just answering the questions posed. IMHO the TH400 is almost a 60 year old design that's very overbuilt for this application. Nobody should have issues driving one for 200,000 miles or more, as it came from the factory, as long as they change the fluid and strainer once in...
  3. hatzie

    Auto transmission cooler theory

    Only posted the links to a few oil cooler thermostats, that are really for sale, to prove they aren't a Jackalope.:shrugs::D I was lazy. Those were in the first 2 or 3 google hits. There are lots more than those. Some are more and some are less... Find one y'all like and use it if'n y'all...
  4. hatzie

    Auto transmission cooler theory

    While arguments are entertaining.... :popcorn: A little research is often helpful... If you are really worried about the transmission fluid temperature getting too low there's a little invention called a thermostatic bypass valve that's typically been used for engine oil coolers and is built...
  5. hatzie

    Auto transmission cooler theory

    Too cold isn't going to be a problem in one of these slushboxes. There's enough energy wasted that you'll be hard pressed to keep it under 150°F while driving unless you're on the Dalton Hwy in the dead of winter. You want to keep temps between 160°F and 180°F while driving. If it drops to...
  6. hatzie

    Auto transmission cooler theory

    200* operating temp is too hot. According to TCI you want 150-175*.
  7. hatzie

    Trans fluid question?

    Set the IR gun next to you on the seat and run her up to "hot". Pull over on the shoulder immediately and tag the engine etc with the IR thermometer right then.
  8. hatzie

    6.2L Stalling Off-Camber? Nose Down?

    If the lift pump coasts for long enough to almost re-prime the system... the already warm engine would restart with only slightly more than normal effort because there's fuel in the filter again. Slight and short rough running might be ignored.
  9. hatzie

    GM Service Training Group Textbook 16015.12-1 for the 6.5L Diesel

    This 6.5L V8 Turbo Diesel GM Service Training Group Textbook 16015.12-1 should have some application for the 6.5L engines in the CUCV II based on the GM T400 chassis.
  10. hatzie

    GM CUCV Parts and Illustration Catalog 52D

    Just as the title states I Scanned my 1984-1987 GM Parts and Illustration Catalog #52D that covers the GM M1008 M1009 M1010 M1028 & M1030 CUCV. The PDF pages are 400DPI images with a layer of OCR text underneath. Any errors in OCR do not make the parts book unusable because you are reading the...
  11. hatzie

    My CUCV spin on fuel filter mod

    Racor must be moving operations to China. Too bad. They were a good outfit.
  12. hatzie

    My CUCV spin on fuel filter mod

    The GM FM100 is a top loading filter arrangement bolted into the rear of the intake valley. They are used on the 1992-2001 GM T400 CK pickup trucks and the 02-04 Hummer H1 with the 6.5L engines. This link is an expensive new one without the mounting brackets, drain hose, etc that you'd get from...
  13. hatzie

    My CUCV spin on fuel filter mod

    The top loading FM100 from the CIVVY 6.5L engines is a nice filter unit. I have one on all three of my diesel trucks. They don't leak and the filters are inexpensive and very available.
  14. hatzie

    4L80E in CUCV

    The 208 would bolt up. The coupler may need to be swapped. Otherwise use a 241 out of an 88-92 R/V GM squarebody.
  15. hatzie

    Solar battery charger wiring.

    Could I use a regular 120v AC block heater element for diversion load or is there a 24v DC variant?
  16. hatzie

    M1009 replacement seatbelts

    I've seen several posts on getting these repaired on the 73-87 section of the 67-72 chevytrucks board. They replaced the webbing too so it was $$$$$. If the clock spring isn't broken and the mechanism isn't a rusted lump... I'd try locking the belt fully extended. Then clean the...
  17. hatzie

    My CUCV spin on fuel filter mod

    That looks good. Some filter heads like the Racor 400 series have a built in primer pump. I agree they cost $$$. Other than cost... is there any reason not to run a Racor 490?
  18. hatzie

    Sudden change in shifting

    The TH400 has an electric kickdown switch next to the go pedal inside the cab. Sounds like the switch has failed closed or the wiring is pinched.
  19. hatzie

    That's what I'm afraid of.

    I agree on letting the pros handle it. It helps to know what the devil is probably wrong so the shop can't feed you a BS line. With only 40k on the clock you are only dealing with the soft parts that age chewed up. It may not need much more than a good cleaning, flex ring, seals and...
  20. hatzie

    That's what I'm afraid of.

    Sounds like you blew out the flex ring. If you have small black pebbles in the governor housing you need to replace the flex ring with an updated EID.
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