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  1. mdmorgan

    Short notice trip from Nashville tn to Macon ga

    Making a trip to Nashville, Sunday January 17 2021, to drop a trailer, I'll be bobtail on the way back to Macon, anyone need anything hauled south?
  2. mdmorgan

    M270A1 mods

    Photo dump of all the mods I've made to my M270A1. Cut door, added winch, start of upper deck widening. Tight fit, but worked out great. Moved spare to the rear. Welded in new cross members to mount spare winch.New aluminum ramps, 14' long, 16" wide, rated for 12k per axle.Next few pics are how...
  3. mdmorgan

    1/2 ton bed crane mounted in my M1102

    Took a little figuring out, but with a little wheel well modification, I got it.
  4. mdmorgan

    Mounting a spare under my M1102

    Finally got around to getting the spare mounted. The winch came off a M1076 pls trailer, the bar you turn was about 1.5 ft to long and had a 1.5 in. drive head on the end. I cut the bar to length, drilled and tapped the end for a 1/2 in. bolt(I wanted the 3/4 in. head) then plug welded the bolt...
  5. mdmorgan

    Bracket thing on m1102, what is it?

    Pulled the jerry can holder off (was thinking about mounting a spare to the front) and noticed this. What's it for?
  6. mdmorgan

    Nhc-250 oil priming before 1st start up after rebuild.

    I'm ready to start my wrecker after replacing the #2 and #4 pistons and liners, the truck has not run in almost a year. I have read the TM about how to prime the oil system but I don't have the correct pump it calls for so I'm going to use what I do have. Anyway, what I was wondering was, does...
  7. mdmorgan

    5 ton tie rod in place of 2.5 ton?

    At the Ga rally this year I bent the tie rod on some rocks, with some much appreciated help I got it straightened back out enough to get me home. Now, what I want to do is put a 5 ton tie rod in its place, mainly for 2 reasons. 1. They are stronger. 2. I already have several of them laying...
  8. mdmorgan

    What is it?

    I'm posting this in the HMMWV forum because according to the NSN it goes on one but I can not figure out where or what it's for, anybody got an idea? It's listed as Parts kit, pintle assembly, towing.
  9. mdmorgan

    Adding a pony motor to a M936

    Has anyone done it? I have seen talk of people wanting to but have not come across anything where someone has. I ask because right now my wrecker is down for busted cylinder liners and I'm hoping to replace them and be good to go, but, if for some reason that does not fix it and I have to do an...
  10. mdmorgan

    What color paint brings the most money?

    I bought a deuce to fix up and resell, it needs paint and I'm wondering what, if any differance the color makes to the price I could get for it. Thanks for any and all input.
  11. mdmorgan

    Macon Ga. area to Tampa Fl. area and back April 7th

    I know this is kinda short notice but I'm making a trip to the Tampa Fl. area this Sunday April 7th, I don't have a whole lot of room for the trip down but will be empty on the trip back, I'm hauling a M1102 behind my Dodge Ram 2500, to give you an idea of how much room is available. Keep in...
  12. mdmorgan

    Macon Ga. area to Maryville, Tn. area

    Starting March 30th the wife and I will be making a trip from the Macon Ga. area to the Maryville, Tn. area and back about every 2 weeks until the beginning of November, If anyone needs anything hauled to or from, let me know, I could use the fuel money :driver:
  13. mdmorgan

    Fresno, Ca. to Macon, Ga. Leaving June 5th ish

    I will have some room to haul things back east when I head back from picking up my M915 and M129 trailer, this is the approximate route we will be taking, I can deviate some to accommodate any pickups or deliveries along the way...
  14. mdmorgan

    Found this little guy out in the woods behind my house, 1943 M3A4!!!

    So, the wife and I decide to start hauling out some scrap metal that we knew was out in the woods behind our house, previous owner was an auto mechanic, and we stumbled upon this trailer. I thought at first that it was just some homemade junk that someone left to rot and I was just going to...
  15. mdmorgan

    Going rate for a M373a2?

    Today I stumbled upon a M373a2 at a local scrap yard, I don't have any pics of it but it is a 1987 model, all 5 tires are like new, it has the ladder strapped under it, and the rest of the trailer I would say is a solid 8 out of 10. They are asking $1750 for it but I'm not sure what the going...
  16. mdmorgan

    M936 recovery

    Hey guys. My wife and I plan on recovering our M936 wrecker this weekend. This is the route we plan on taking and was wondering if anyone is along it just in case we have any issues. We will post pics of the recovery afterwords. We hope everything goes as planned...
  17. mdmorgan

    MRAP wheels and tires on a deuce?

    We just picked up 6 brand new MRAP wheels and tires (395/85r20) xzl's and we want to put them on the wifes truck, and here is what i'm thinking. Use an adapter plate like is being done with the hemmt wheels except instead of using the studs that hold the 2 wheel halves together, use the lug bolt...
  18. mdmorgan

    Firewood for the 2011 Ga rally: Check

    That bad storm that came through a couple weeks ago, blew down alot of trees at our boat club campground, this weekend we had clean up duty cause we were the only ones with trucks big enough:grin:. Now just need to let the logs dry out and then cut them down to bon fire size:beer:. First pic is...
  19. mdmorgan

    preview at Indianapolis, IN

    My dad came to the Ga rally and stayed a couple nights and that's all it took for him to get the bug, and now he wants a M1009. He is eyeballing the ones at indy and would like to know if there is anybody who would have the time to go preview them for him? PM me and i'll give the event and lot...
  20. mdmorgan

    Recovery of 2 M101A2's with 1 Dodge pickup.

    It's been a few weeks ago but here are the pics and some pointers to anyone who needs to recover 2 trailers. 1st off DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT, try towing one behind the other as in the 1st pic. Anything over 40 mph and the 2nd trailer became so unstable wobbling back and forth it was literally...
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