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  1. blitzengine

    For unofficial use only?

    I know the cucv's were never marked like this but I wanted to do something different so let me what you think. :beer:
  2. blitzengine

    Anyone here from the Valdosta,GA area?

    Anyone here from the Valdosta,GA area? So far I have seen two M1009's, one is camo the other is not. I spotted the camo one at Moody AFB and the other as I was driving around town. Just looking to make friends in my area. Cheers:beer:
  3. blitzengine

    Early GM GP MV prototype

    I found this on the web, I wasn't sure where to post this. I am sure most of you will find this vehicle very interesting. Cheers :beer:
  4. blitzengine

    Spotted M1009 main gate at Moody afb,Ga

    Leaving Moody afb this morning I spotted a M1009 in great shape at the main gate, does anyone here at SS own a M1009 and is stationed at Moody afb, GA? Cheers:beer:
  5. blitzengine

    The CUCV and Cucv II

    Read through and see that not much has changed except for the modern bodys styles between the CUCV and CUCV II, two alternator set up,etc. Cheers :beer:
  6. blitzengine

    M1009 diagnostic connector

    Hello, has anyone ever used the diagnostic connector below the dash on the M1009 to troubleshoot their vehicle or know how it is used? Is a specific diagnostic tool required? Cheers :beer:
  7. blitzengine

    M1009 6.2 Engine rattle

    I am having a difficult time locating the source to a metalic rattleing noise coming from the engine in my M1009. It sounds like it is coming from the front of the engine, even worse when the engine is hot. Has anyone ever experince this on their 6.2's? Cheers
  8. blitzengine

    Flashing gen 2 light

    I am new member here to SS and I am very impressed with SS, keep up the good work. I have gathered here alot of info to help me to better understand and troubshoot my 84 M1009. After reading through the treads and gathering information I was able to get my GEN 2 light to come on and get my...
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