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  1. Triple C

    M925 Winch not working

    Gentlemen. I recently sold my 925 to a neighbor that is a good friend (so I could keep visitation rights!) He is a bit younger and will be able to keep it in great shape. In fact he has tackled the winch which I never got to. I knew it didn't work but I never worked on it. He has the TM's but he...
  2. Triple C

    No electrical power except to low side blower motor

    Gentlemen I need some help. I recently sold my 925 to a good friend and neighbor as I felt like I wasn't able to keep it up. He has had it about ten days and called to tell me it wouldn't start. The only thing he has done since he got it is put in a new battery I bought him, cleaned it (told him...
  3. Triple C

    Need wiring diagram for 925

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the 925? I found the one for 915's in the TM's and I looked through the TM for a wiring diagram but I didn't find one. I was tightening up the battery terminals tonight and the metal rod that holds the seat up, slipped off the ledge, poked a hole in the...
  4. Triple C

    Winch not functioning

    The winch on my 925 is not functioning. I have read the tm's searched the threads and found lot's of great information. When I took the plate off of the tower in the cab, I found the cable that engages the PTO unhooked. I suspect it was unhooked because of a different problem because when I...
  5. Triple C

    Hauling firewood in the 925

    Don't generally have any opportunity to haul anything in the 925, but my son had to remove three large locust trees and get them out of the way of his construction so I had the opportunity to put some weight on the truck. It sure rode and shifted better loaded than it does empty. I didn't load...
  6. Triple C

    Inaccurate speedometer

    For some time I have suspected the speedometer on my 1985 925A1 was off. I checked it today against a handy dandy Android App and the speedometer is 7.5 miles slow. When the speedometer shows 40, I am actually going 47.5. Anyone else having this issue? My truck looks like it was cobbled...
  7. Triple C

    925 TM question

    I have been reading various threads where the member is directed to "read the tm" and that seems like good advice. I went looking for all the tm's I could find on my 925 and I can't find any. When one puts "925 tm" in the search you get 335 threads but none of them appear to be technical manuals...
  8. Triple C

    Leaky 1400X20 Goodyear

    I went out to drive the 925 today and found the tire pressure on the passenger steer tire down to 20lbs. I aired the tire up to 60 lbs and could hear what sounded like bubbles. First, I don't understand why it would bubble, I don't THINK it is filled with any fluid. Second, it sounded like the...
  9. Triple C

    Ether starting system tube routing

    I purchased an ether bottle from NAPA for $50 and installed it in the socket. I can't tell if the system is working as it doesn't seem to make a difference when I push the button. I looked at the system and the tube routing is confusing. There is a small tube that comes out the bottom of the...
  10. Triple C

    Possibility of using the winch hydraulics to run bed hoist.

    Has anybody thought of or added a hoist to a dropside bed on a 925? I don't think I will ever use the winch but I could really use a hoist under the bed to create a dump bed. It looks like the bed is strong enough but I don't know about the hydraulics. It doesn't look like it would be too tough...
  11. Triple C

    Where to find turn signal parts?

    I have a 1986 925 and the turn signals are not working. Can anybody tell me where I can buy the part that causes the turn signal to flash (sorry, don't know what to call it!) Someone told me it was a thermal something or other (non technical terms :-D ) I am in the KC area. Thanks in advance.
  12. Triple C

    Battery question on 925A1

    My 925 has four batteries that are shot. I can cable two in series to get 24 volt but will that have enough oomph to start the truck, it has a NHC 250 Cummings. I will put four in before winter but wondered if that would work for a bit. Thanks.
  13. Triple C

    No head or tail lights

    Just starting the checkout on my new to me 925A1 and I find I have no head lights, tail lights or turn signals. I have dash lights in dim or bright and I have black out lights front and back. I did find what appears to be a thermal signal actuator that seems to be bad so I think I have the turn...
  14. Triple C

    Ft. Riley Ks to Oak Grove Mo

    Went to Riley and picked up my 925A1 last week. The trip went really well till I blew a front tire in the middle lane of I-70 in down town KC. Really felt sorry for the lady driving right next to the tire when it blew. Fortunately it didn't make any big pieces except for the tread which stuck...
  15. Triple C


    Hello all, by way of introduction, I bought my first (and probably only) military surpluss vehicle, a M925A1, located at Ft. Riley, Ks. Drove it home today (just East of KC) and all went really well till we were in KC and at 55mph in the middle lane I blew a front left drive tire! Fortunately...
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