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  1. Dsilverline

    Turboing a 6.2l build (another one)

    Hey guys, So, I started this project a bit ago and have been taking pictures and finding out I need to do some intersting things differently based on previous truck mods I did. Thought it would be cool to make a thread going over the progress, getting ideas from others or showing what I'm...
  2. Dsilverline

    Problem with engine jacking

    Hey guys, On my M1009 I'm trying to replace my motor mounts as they are totally shot and I'm having some issues jacking up the engine.... I've pulled out the motor mount bolts, undone the tranny mount bolts and the exhaust is disconnected (as I'm doing the turbo conversion) but when I jack up...
  3. Dsilverline

    Turbo crossover and routing

    Hey guys, I'm installing the 6.5l turbo parts on my 6.2l diesel K5 blazer. As I have more travel than a standard street truck I think my crossover routing plans are more limited? I believe the stock 6.5s had a driver side drop and different shaft angle so that crossover doesn't apply. If I...
  4. Dsilverline

    Found out torque wrench is not accurate *after* rear main seal job

    Hey guys, So I replaced my rear main seal (84' M1009) and loosened the main caps as part of the process. Replaced the seal and torqued everything up, oil pan on and all good, been on a trip with it already, no issues. Realized after the fact I've never calibrated my torque wrench and got one...
  5. Dsilverline

    Weird scenario - power issue with wide-ratio tranny

    Hey guys, I've got a somewhat weird scenario and hoping someone might be able to shine some light on it. 84' CUCV, still have the 6.2 but I've got an SM465 tranny (super wide ratio) and an NP205 Tcase. I also put in a custom injection pump, new injectors, entirely new cooling system, and...
  6. Dsilverline

    unknown front axle spindle nut

    Hey guys, Trying to get my front axle shaft out to do ball joints and u joint and I get to this nut which doesn't seem to match anything else I've seen. The axle's (84 CUCV) were swapped to 6 lug GM 10 bolts (previous owner) and Mile Marker hubs put in. I have the standard 4 prong spindle nut...
  7. Dsilverline

    Running with no intake, white smoke troubleshooting

    Hey guys, This is my first post but I've been reading for a while. Been troubleshooting white smoke on my CUCV since freaking August! In August she totally crapped out on me, lost all power and it wouldn't stay running. Things I did after that: electric fuel pump add fuel filter clear return...
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