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  1. wsucougarx

    Gama Goat Transfer Case Lube Tube View

    Hey guys, what have you done to make viewing your transfer case lube tube easier? Taking that doghouse off to make sure your lube pump is still primed is a pain. I did the Lucas Oil Stabilizer trick to help prevent the pump from losing prime. However, while trying to troubleshoot, I found my...
  2. wsucougarx

    M561 Gama Goat Cab Seat Belt MWO Installation Instructions

    M561 Gama Goat Cab Seat Belt MWO Installation Instructions
  3. wsucougarx

    M561 Gama Goat Winch Installation Instructions

    M561 Gama Goat Winch Installation Instructions
  4. wsucougarx

    CL Find M35A2 Cab Cover 12256470

    I was perusing Craigslist last night and decided to see if there were any local M35A2's for sale. I was led to a "Deuce and A Half Army Canvas Soft Top Cab Cover Military Truck Jeep? - $100" I thought I'd bite as someday I plan to have a Vietnam era deuce....someday. So I contacted the seller...
  5. wsucougarx

    M561 M792 Modification Work Order (MWO)'s

    Is there a manual or publication out there going over the MWO's for the Gama Goat? So far I have only found one: Modification Work Order 9-2320-242-35- Driver/Passenger Seatbelts Anyone have the listings of the other? Or have a MWO data plate on your dash stating the numerical MWO code?
  6. wsucougarx

    Gama Goat Tachometer

    Is there a reason why the Goat didn't come with a Tach? Has anyone added a tach to their Goats? I found the tachometer port on the Detroit but wondered what a guy would use for a the cable? Just need to cross reference a part that a MV uses.
  7. wsucougarx

    Gama Goat Heater options?

    I know there is a fuel fired heater for the Gama Goats. Is there a hot water heater option? I haven't seen any specific kits but thought about adapting a M151 Heater box to a Goat. But don't know if there are any water access points on the DD353 to accomplish this option. Has anyone done this or...
  8. wsucougarx

    WSUCougarx's M561 Gama Goat Acquisition and Build Thread

    Just like all my build threads, there will be plenty of pictures and explanations of what I did. A thread wouldn't be complete without the recovery story...right? Here's the exhaustive version. Before the recovery... For sometime, I have thought about the potential of owning ones of these...
  9. wsucougarx

    M561/M792 Gama Goat VIC-1 VRC-12

    Has anyone put a VIC-1 and the VRC-12 radios in their Gama Goats? I have yet to secure my Goat but just doing some project planning well ahead of time;-) Just want to see what you have done. I know there are some better intercom option out there but I'm not interested in civilian setups though...
  10. wsucougarx

    Diamond in the rough or just plain rough??

    Hey guys, looking for a recommendation on this one. I found this M-561 locally to me. It's seen better days and according to the owner, it's only been out to pasture for about 7 years. I'm thinking more like 20 years. Any idea what I should offer on this Gama Goat? The owner said he bought them...
  11. wsucougarx

    Please ID this antenna

    I bought an antenna on ebay last week. It looks different than anything I've seen before. Can anyone ID this thing for me? The antenna is enroute so no NSN or part numbers. It looks like one of those IED Countermeasure type antennas.
  12. wsucougarx

    1954 M37 Engine Bay

    Going to look at an M37 tomorrow. Owner sent me pic but looks like a few things are missing? Air filter missing and looks like the 24 volt regulator is gone as well. Looks to have an aftermarket alternator....hmmm. Owner says it hasn't ran in just over a year due to electrical issues. What do...
  13. wsucougarx

    WSUCougarx's M101A2 Build

    Well, after telling myself I would never need a "small" M101A2 cargo trailer I found I truly needed one. I have spent the last few years not even giving the M116 series 3/4 ton military cargo trailers a look. I deemed them way too small and felt I would never need one. So I bought a M105A2 here...
  14. wsucougarx

    M939 Behind the Cab Platform

    Does anyone have a source for this particular behind the cab platform? I have been looking all over and I am unable to find it. It typically has a bunch of magnets arranged in a circular fashion. I think it was originally used for a locator beacon of some sort. I have another project where I...
  15. wsucougarx

    WSUCougar's M925A1 Acquisition and Build Thread

    WARNING: LOTS OF PICS AND WAY TOO MUCH DETAIL.When I do a thread like this, I basically use it as my build diary. So lots of nonsense details that no one would otherwise be interested in. I like to look back on my builds to see what I did. So forgive me for the rambling on with some of my future...
  16. wsucougarx

    JBLM M925A1's winners. Who got one?

    Man, I missed out on the M925A1's today. Bidding got way too high for my liking. Anyone here get one?
  17. wsucougarx

    M939 Lightweight Weapon Station Leg source?

    Hey guy I am trying to find out where I can secure a set of LWS legs. Specifically I need all four Lightweight Weapon Station legs for the M939 series trucks. I've searched to no avail. Just wondering if anyone has seen any offered by retailers. Please advise
  18. wsucougarx

    M923 Missing Spring Source?

    Hey guys, I was out adjusting my idle today and noticed something. It appears I am missing a spring. First of all, anyone know a source where I can get a replacement? Second, what exactly is this spring hooked to? I moved the assy by hand and it does have tension on it like there is a spring...
  19. wsucougarx

    M35A3 Fording

    Just came across these videos. I apologize if these have already been posted.
  20. wsucougarx

    wsucougarx's M923 acquisition

    WARNING: LOTS OF PICS AND WAY TOO MANY DETAILS! When I do a thread like this, I basically use it as my build diary. So lots of nonesense details that no one would otherwise be interested in. I like to look back on my builds to see what I did. So forgive me for the rambling on with some of my...
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